Branded Shoes How to Tell the Fake From the Authentic

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Branded Shoes How to Tell the Fake From the Authentic


Authenticity in footwear is a huge deal for sneakerheads. Although we’re not encouraging you to be like them if you just want a good pair of branded sneakers, some stores (unknowingly) sell fake shoes for the price of the authentic ones, making customers pay more only to get less in return.

Here are some indicators you may want to look for when buying a pair of branded footwear.


Converse All Star Sneakers / Photo by: I Spot Fake Do You


1. Converse All Star

Chuck Taylors are one of the most famous shoes in history, so they’re bound to have copycats trying to cash in on their status. One of the easiest indicators of fake Chucks is if the measurement indicated in the box of the shoes are in millimeters. Original Chucks are measured in centimeters.



Puma Fenty Creepers / Photo by: Puma


2. Puma Fenty Creepers

The gum midsole in Puma’s Fenty Creepers has a unique identity to it that only the original manufacturer can make. The bottom of the midsole of an authentic Fenty Creeper shoe is wider than the top, making for a concave shape.



Fake and real Under Armour insoles / Photo by: I Spot Fake Do You


3. Under Armour Curry One

This one may go unnoticed for those who are only particular on the outer parts of a shoe. Original Under Armour Curry shoes have orange, flesh-like insoles and feel denser than ordinary rubber insoles.



Vans Sneakers / Photo by: Worth Seeing


4. Vans

Just like the Converse All Star, you’ll often see Vans shoes almost everywhere. But if you’re the type who is very keen on details and prefers the original product, you may notice that original Vans have changing patterns on the underside. Also, a steel seal on the underside is a good indicator of authentic Vans.



Air Jordans / Photo by: Worth Seeing


5. Jordans

Not everyone can afford Jordans, that is, the original ones, as they are quite expensive. To determine if the pair you’re eyeing is authentic or not, just look at the main part of the shoe. If it’s made of shiny plastic, then it’s fake. True Jordans are made of pure genuine leather.



Ugg Boots / Photo by: Snowball181 via Wikimedia Commons


6. Ugg Boots

Bendable Ugg boots may seem like an indicator that it’s fake but it’s actually the opposite. Real Ugg boots are flexible at the tip, unlike fake ones that are so rigid.



Yeezy shoes / Photo by: Worth Seeing


7. Yeezys

The hottest shoes today, Kanye West’s line of footwear has its own share of counterfeits. To tell that your pair of Yeezys are genuine, take a closer look at stitches and see if they are square-shaped. If they are, then it’s a good sign. Additionally, feel the logo and notice how it is very much a part of the shoes. Original Yeezys have embossed logos rather than printed on.



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