Man Finds Burglar Cooking Breakfast and is Told to “Go Back to Sleep”

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Man Finds Burglar Cooking Breakfast and is Told to “Go Back to Sleep”


A man in Florida, USA awoke to find a burglar cooking breakfast inside his home and was told that he should just “go back to sleep.” This was based on a report by American news site HuffPost.

The occupant told the authorities that the burglar even ate the early morning meal he prepared around 4 a.m. before immediately running away from the house, as the resident already called 911 for help. Because of the report, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was able to trace the suspect in a swampy and wooded area. They identified the burglar as Gavin Crim, 19, who allegedly entered the victim’s home through a rear door.

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Based on the arrest report, investigators found Crim under the influence of alcohol. The deputies also shared that Crim is an active-duty Marine since June 11, 2018, and is staying in Palm Harbor. While the offender was booked into the Pinellas County Jail, he was released the following day after he posted a $1,000 bail.

Soon, the news made its way to social media and people on Twitter began dropping different comments. Some jokingly said that Crim was “being polite” and that he was just making breakfast for the homeowner. While the act should be supposed to be treated as illegal and was even an actual burglary charge, one Twitter user apologized as he found the news “kinda funny.” 

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Another Twitter user commented that the burglar was even lucky that he was just arrested and no harm was done. 

Based on burglary statistics of, property crime rates have seen a significant decline in the last few years. By property crime, it refers to burglary, motor vehicle theft, and larceny. The statistics also show that break-ins are 6% more likely to happen in the day while people are running errands or at work. There are fewer burglary cases at night because people are more likely at home.




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