7 New Inventions That Make Our Lives a Bit More Convenient

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7 New Inventions That Make Our Lives a Bit More Convenient


Technology has made it easier for us to do our tasks or make our life a little better by solving even the most mundane issues we face on a daily basis that nevertheless cause us some measures of stress. The following are some of the newest inventions that will drive home the point.


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1. Beverage-Powered Charger

There’s no need to stay beside a wall while using your phone that is charging. Now, you can just put a cup of coffee or an ice-cold soda or beer on this high-tech coaster that also serves as a portable power bank. Using a heat engine that was invented way back in the 1800s, this coaster charger contains a fixed amount of gas and changes in temperature create pressure that is converted into power that charges your device.


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2. Anti-Spill Cup

Speaking of cups, are you always bothered by how your cup leaves a circle mark of your drink on your desk? Worry no more because this cup is designed to let all spilled liquid to not reach the table’s surface. The secret is in the unique crevice around the cup’s circumference at the bottom part.


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3. Flexible, Airless Tires

A flat tire is always a hassle, especially when you’re running late or you’re caught in a place where you’d much rather not be. Changing tires means you’d have to deal with the grease and the lug nuts that won’t loosen. Luckily, we now have airless tires that boast a flexible component that can withstand any solid and sharp object you might encounter on the road.


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4. Dry Bench

At one point in our lives, we’ve had an experience with wet benches, especially when we’re dying to take a seat after it rained, so finding a bench in public places is such a sad moment knowing that you cannot sit on them because they’re soaking wet after the rain. However, this new bench aims to alleviate that problem, at least for those who are lucky enough to be the first one to sit. Users can roll the seat to the other, drier side while the wet side dries up underneath.


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5. Urinating Device for Women

Here’s another wet problem, one often encountered by women who need to use the bathroom in public. Sometimes, the seat is dirty and flipping the seat cover just doesn’t help. Women can now pee while standing just like men with this new urinating device. Designed to catch women’s pee and redirect it to where it’s supposed to fall without making a mess, the device is like an artificial penis made of plastic.


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6. LED Slippers

They illuminate your path while walking down a dark or dimly lit hallway or path at night. This makes it easy for you to detect objects such as stones or toys that you may stumble on while walking.


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7. USB Space Stick

Worried about how much free space your flash drive has left? This new invention makes it easier for users to see how much storage is consumed in your flash drive, as the information is shown on the body of the device. This means you don’t have to plug it into a computer just to know how much space is still available.




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