Celebrities Who Have Experienced Depression

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Celebrities Who Have Experienced Depression


Mental health problems can affect anyone. Even celebrities, royalties, politicians, and billionaires are not immune to these conditions. In the entertainment field, for instance, a lot of famous actors have battled depression throughout their successful acting careers. Here are some of them.


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Angelina Jolie

Psycom.net, a website that publishes articles about mental health conditions, reported that the famous actress opened up about her experience living with depression. In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Magazine, she explained that this is due to her challenging hometown in Los Angeles. “I was raised in a place where if you have fame and money and you’re decent-looking and have the ability to work in this industry, you have everything in the world. Then you attain those things and realize you still couldn’t be more empty,” Jolie said.


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Cara Delevingne

“I got to the point where I went a bit mad. I was completely suicidal, I didn’t want to live anymore,” Delevingne mentioned in an interview with fashion magazine Vogue. When the English model, singer, and actress was just 15-years-old, she was hit by an intense wave of depression, anxiety, and self-hatred. Her condition led her to take numerous psychotropic medications and to see therapists and found herself thinking of suicide in her apartment. 


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Brad Pitt

Similar to what his ex-wife experienced, Pitt also battled depression in the 1990s. According to an interview, he considered his experience as an educator as the stepping stone that helped him learn how to figure things out. “I was doing the same thing every night and numbing myself to sleep, the same routine. Couldn’t wait to get home and hide out,” Pitt said in an interview with American digital and print magazine Hollywood Reporter in 2012.


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Catherine Zeta-Jones

Zeta-Jones revealed in 2011 that she has bipolar II disorder. The actress also expressed feeling relieved when she finally knew what her condition really is because she knew that there is a professional that could help her. She said in an interview with People Magazine, “There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help.” 


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Winona Ryder

The “Girl Interrupted” star opened up about her condition in January 2000. In an interview with The San Francisco Chronicle, she mentioned that she started to abuse alcohol. Soon, she began to experience anxiety attacks and depression. Ryder realized that it was time to seek help when she inadvertently started a fire after falling asleep with a lit cigarette in her hand.


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Dwayne Johnson

 “The Rock” shared that his depression started during his early 20s when, ironically, his football career soared. He mentioned in an interview that he realized that when a person experiences this condition, they should remember that they are not alone. “You’re not the first one to go through it; you’re not going to be the last to go through it,” Johnson said.


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Amanda Seyfried

Beyond her beautiful smile and gorgeous eyes, the “Mamma Mia” actress used antidepressants as part of her treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder, a condition that is a common side effect of depression. During an interview, she opened up about her situation and mentioned that “mental illness is a thing that people cast in a different category, but I don’t think it is.”




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