Risky Selfies that May or May not Be Worth It

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Risky Selfies that May or May not Be Worth It


Selfies or self-portrait photographs have become quite popular with the emergence of smartphones that feature a front-facing camera along with the main camera at the back. People started to take a lot of selfies during the most important events in their lives and when they are just plain bored. However, in some cases, people go to the extreme when taking a selfie for the sake of getting more likes and positive comments on their social media. Sadly, a lot of them ended with the selfie-taker getting harmed or worse, even killed.

In a report by the Detroit Free Press, the largest daily newspaper in Detroit, Michigan, it was mentioned that recent research showed 259 deaths worldwide in the past six years due to selfie-taking. Here are some selfies that are too risky you shouldn’t try them yourself.


Photo Credit: Business Insider


“Along A Railway” Selfie

Everybody knows that when near a railroad, one should be careful and take a cautious distance from the path of the train. An article by the Business Insider, a website that publishes financial, media, and other tech articles, told of Jared Michael, who was taking a selfie beside a railway. Suddenly, a train zoomed past him at full speed. Fortunately, the train conductor managed to kick Michael in the head in order to get him out of harm’s way. 


Photo Credit: Worth Seeing


“Splash Mountain” Selfie

When you’re in an amusement park, it is hard not to get carried away and take a selfie everywhere. However, despite the excitement, one should still practice caution. Monica Quintero made the mistake while she was on the Splash Mountain ride of taking a selfie to capture the moment. This taught her a valuable lesson that there are consequences of having loose items while on these amusement rides.


Photo Credit: Worth Seeing


Selfie with the Bulls

Participating in a major event is very fun and exciting, especially the bullfighting festival that happens in Spain. During this event, a lot of people use their phones and cameras to capture the moment. But there was a case of selfie-taking that almost got a man trampled to death by an angry bull. 


Photo Credit: Business Insider

Selfie Near a Volcano Crater

George Kourounis, a storm chaser who hosts the travel show “Angry Planet” became extra popular after he went into the Marum crater and took a selfie on the edge of a lava lake. HuffPost, a website that provides articles about news, politics, and business, reported that because of the high temperature on the lake, his camera melted. 


Photo Credit: Worth Seeing


Selfie Atop of a Building in Dubai

Mustang Wanted is a famous thrill-seeker that became popular due to his extreme posts and videos that show him taking selfies o top of buildings. Worth-Seeing, a website that provides articles about travel, nature, and art, revealed the extent of risk the man was taking as his selfies were done without him wearing any safety gear.


Photo Credit: Worth Seeing


Votive Church Selfie

Mustang Wanted also made an extreme and dangerous selfie as he took a photograph of himself on top of a Gothic church 325 feet above the ground. The height was truly heart dropping. Wanted effectively used a nauseating aerial-like shot that perfectly captured the church building and the scenery below. 


Photo Credit: Worth Seeing


Christ the Redeemer Selfie

One of the most famous and controversial selfies taken was the one by Lee Thompson. According to reports, the British adventurer convinced the tourist board in Rio de Janeiro to allow him to climb the Christ the Redeemer statue. In a report by Telegraph UK, he explained, “I’d like to say I’d planned it for ages, but right up until the final moment, I didn’t know how much access I’d get.” The result is of the most spectacular and dangerous selfies ever taken.




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