10 Most Dangerous Places in the World

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10 Most Dangerous Places in the World


Over the last decade, the world has become more dangerous as average global peacefulness drops, according to the latest Global Peace Index (GPI) report. The average level of peacefulness around the world plunged by 3.78 percent during the said period, although levels saw a slight improvement from 2018—the first in the last five years.

The report, produced by the Institute for Economics & Peace (IEP), measured global peace using three broad themes: safety and security levels in society, the extent of domestic and international conflict, and the degree of militarization, travel blog Atlas & Boots reports.

With these factors taken into account, the GPI study ranked 163 independent states—which cover 99.7 percent of the world’s population—based on their average peaceful levels. The following are the 10 countries that ranked the lowest on the GPI list.


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10. Russia

Russia’s higher per-capita rates of weapons exports and militarization partially explain why it is the 10th most dangerous places in the world. According to Business Insider, the Kremlin's involvement in the Syrian conflict attributed to its the rise of deaths from external conflict while its overall leadership approval declined to merely 30 percent.

The GPI report added that Russia is the least peaceful country in Eastern Europe.


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9. The Democratic Republic of the Congo

The high risk of severe flooding, which contributes to the likelihood of future conflict, accounted for the factors that made DRC part of the most dangerous countries list. Other explanations include violence, which interferes with health workers’ ability to address the most recent Ebola outbreak and led to the death of 1,396 people, data from the WHO shows.

Healthcare facilities are at risk of attacks from gangs and militia, which killed a Cameroonian doctor earlier this year while working to treat the outbreak.


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8. Libya

Rising violence and high risk of flooding explain why Libya ranks as the eight least peaceful countries in the world. The ongoing Libyan civil war also accounts for its placement on the list.


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7. The central African Republic

Violence also attributes for the CAR’s ranking, costing the country approximately 47 percent of its GDP. The country is burrowing deep into chaos as Seleka rebels and Anti-Balaka militia members remain locked in conflict. That disruption also led to 620,000 people being internally displaced and 570,000 refugees seeking asylum in neighboring nations like Cameroon and the DRC.


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6. Somalia

The country has become more prone to conflict due to an increased risk of drought. Ongoing armed conflict and the risk of an unprecedented terrorist attack also make Somalia one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Travelers are advised to not make visits to the country.


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5. Iraq

Last year, there was a decrease in government-supported violence in Iraq along with a drop in the number of refugees and internally displaced persons, Business Insider says.

But this was not enough to take the country out of the list since it is still dealing with significant conflict—both internal and external. In spite of official defeat, there are still remnants of ISIS partly due to the lack of effort of Iraq’s security forces to eliminate the militant group.


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4. Yemen

Sitting at the fourth spot, Yemen is still suffering from the worst humanitarian crisis in the world because of its ongoing proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. About half of the population is estimated to be dealing with lack of food and potable water, which both stand as a continuing threat.


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3. South Sudan

The country’s continuing conflict and high risk of climate disaster account for its placement in the GPI report. It also ranks as the least peaceful country in the Sub-Saharan African region. South Sudan also high levels of militarization, as per the GPI report.


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2. Syria

Syria was the at the top of the ranking last year, but the defeat of ISIS in the town of Baghuz earlier this year moved the country to its new rank. Still, ongoing Syrian conflicts contributed to the country’s high placement on the list.


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1. Afghanistan

The GPI report concluded that Afghanistan is the least peaceful country in the world as violence continues to cost the country of its GDP (47 percent). Its ongoing conflict led to the death of 3,804 people in 2018—including that of 973 children, which the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan says is the highest number ever recorded in the country.

Citizens also feel less safe, and trust in the country’s military has fallen by over 31 percentage points since 2013.




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