A Brawl Stars Guide to Efficient Play: Unlocking Brawlers and Star Powers

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A Brawl Stars Guide to Efficient Play: Unlocking Brawlers and Star Powers

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In case you haven’t yet heard about the 3 by 3 shooter game known as Brawl Stars developed by Supercell, creator of various popular mobile games like Clash of Clans, this has shot past $110 million in revenue worldwide from consumer in-app purchases within 60 days of its launch, and is continuously growing. Below are a few tips you need to know in order to unlock characters known as “brawlers” and their accompanying powers called “star powers” for free.


Photo by Irina Shisterova via 123RF


1. Collect brawl boxes

The longer you play the game, the more you will realize the importance of brawl boxes, and all other in-game boxes, to receiving new brawlers and star powers. Although the chances are random and vary in terms of percentage per type of box, generally, the more boxes opened, the more chances to win. More boxes may be obtained by collecting the different in-game currency from playing games—more for winning games, but still, some even when games are lost. Tokens automatically give brawl boxes once 100 are collected, and once enough gems are collected, can be used to purchase brawl boxes. 

Pro-tip given by most players: Token doublers and tickets are more suggested to be purchased using gems than direct brawl boxes, as this even doubles the chances of receiving brawl boxes.


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2. Play and collect trophies

Trophies are awarded when a player wins games and matches. The more trophies earned allows the player to move along the “trophy road” or progress within the game. Reaching certain milestones allow the player to unlock rewards, which include various brawler characters, different brawl boxes, and more.


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3. Level up one brawler at a time

According to Kairostime Gaming, a game blogger, to maximize the randomizers in each box, players should consider leveling up one brawler at a time. In this case, use coins to purchase power-ups and choose a character to maximize power. For each brawler, once its level is maxed out, star powers may be randomly received from brawl boxes and would then be “more possible” to be received as the items to be won in each box is lessened. How that works is that brawler power-ups are also included among the random items that can be received in each box. It would then not be applicable anymore as the brawler’s power meter is filled, leaving only star powers, among others, in the algorithm to be awarded to a player. 


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4. Purchase coins, brawl boxes, mega boxes, big boxes token doublers, gems, and power points

With Brawl Stars a top game in China, South Korea, and Japan, you can bet that players still resort to using real money as the easiest way to get ahead. Money can buy literally anything in this game, such as to level up or get new characters.


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5. Choose your game modes

The name of any game is to win. Winning is only possible if you are excelling at the games you play, winning trophies and all kinds of rewards rather than losing, and losing trophies along the way. Brawl Stars has a total of seven game modes: Solo and Duo Showdown, Heist, Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Bounty, and Event. A serious play-to-win player would play only specific games they are good at and drop or ignore everything else.


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6. Play with a team

If solo-gaming is too difficult and does not result in wins, Brawl Stars has an option for up to 3 team players in certain game modes. To ensure the best combination of teammates rather than the already existing random picks, make a group with friends. That way, you each know your skills, may be able to coordinate and communicate, and are more or less assured of a quality team player.


Photo by Irina Shisterova via 123RF


7. Familiarize yourself with the best and worst brawlers

Aside from just winning, the main goal of Brawl Stars is to collect all characters or brawlers and completely level them up. In order to do this, an important tip is to prioritize the brawlers you do have. However, from the brawlers on your roster, there are unofficial rankings or tiering from S class brawlers to B class brawlers according to flexibility in game modes, damage, best attacks, and many more. The smart choice is to target those brawlers and level them up first, whether that is to buy them or win them randomly. These brawlers make winning a piece of cake.




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