Stepmom Allegedly Strangled Her Stepdaughter Over a Bracelet

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Stepmom Allegedly Strangled Her Stepdaughter Over a Bracelet

The police searched for a 10-year-old Indiana girl disappeared from her home on August 31, according to Christine Pelisek of celebrity and human interest website People. A statewide Silver Alert was issued for Skylea Rayn Carmack on Saturday around 4 p.m. She was last seen by her six siblings and stepmother at their Gas City home. Indiana State Police Sgt. Tony Slocum said, “We are hoping she ran away and is somewhere we haven’t searched yet, but again the longer we go on, that is unlikely the scenario.”

The girl is homeschooled and did not own a mobile phone, possibly left her home with a “pink backpack, a purple autism awareness blanket, and a pillow.” Slocum said she “had run away before. He and his colleagues checked other locations “she had gone to previously,” but they haven’t found her. Kevin Carmack, Skylea’s dad, conjectured that his daughter left home because she was grounded. According to Carmack, Skylea might be too afraid to come back as she was going to be “in even more trouble.”

Unfortunately, police officers found Skylea’s dead body in a shed behind her Gas City home, reports Palisek. The 10-year-old was strangled and was found in a plastic garbage bag. Apparently, the officers believed Skylea was already dead when Carmack reported her missing around 9 p.m. on Saturday. They asserted that the girl was killed “between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. Saturday,” Slocum states.

On September 4, 34-year-old Amanda Carmack was taken into custody at 3 a.m. The woman allegedly told the police she was “very angry” at her stepdaughter “following an argument over a charm bracelet,” reports Chris Harris of People. The argument ensued after Skylea stole a charm bracelet “from one of her siblings,” according to an affidavit. Amanda allegedly slapped her stepdaughter. Amanda confessed but she could not articulate why she killed Skylea.

Amanda “couldn’t remember all of the details of the murder,” but she recounted being on top of the child. Skylea, who was lying on her back, was choked by Amanda, with the latter tieing something around the girl’s neck. Days after Amanda reported Skylea missing, the 34-year-old allegedly walked into a police station and confessed her crime.

An autopsy revealed that a pair of pants was tied “very tight” around the child’s neck, the affidavit reads. A pillow, a blanket, and a backpack were found inside two bags within the trash bag that contained Skylea’s corpse. The investigators stated that Amanda’s children perceived her as “a strict disciplinarian,” abusing them with a belt and making them “stand with their faces against the wall with their hands in the air,” as documented by the affidavit.

Amanda has been charged with murder and strangulation, including “neglect of a dependent resulting in death and domestic battery death to a person under age 14.” If she is convicted, then she will be subjected to a life sentence.



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