7-year-old Boy Gets Dream Trip After Using His Savings to Feed Hurricane Victims

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7-year-old Boy Gets Dream Trip After Using His Savings to Feed Hurricane Victims


Jermaine Bell bid farewell to his dream of exploring Walt Disney World after saving money for one year to lend a helping hand, reports Char Adams of celebrity and human interest news People. The 7-year-old decided to use roughly $500 to help Hurricane Dorian evacuees in South Carolina with food and water instead of visiting the said theme park. Bell spent his seventh birthday being involved in humanitarian work, serving over 100 evacuees with hotdogs, chips, and water, according to Helen Murphy of People and Scottie Andrew of American television news channel CNN. Since then, Bell has “helped a lot more.”


Photo Credit: HLN (via CNN)


The generous child told CNN affiliate WJBF, "The people that are traveling to other places, I wanted them to have some food to eat so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they're gonna stay at." But there’s a plot twist. Turns out, Bell is going to Walt Disney World! 31-year-old Laureen Creech, Bell’s mother, reveals that they were contacted “by a team from Disney,” surprising them with Mickey, cake, and gifts. They are now coordinating with them to visit Disney this month, Creech adds.

According to Adams, Disney officials found out Bell’s good deed and dropped by his home in Jacksonville, Florida, revealing that their family will be on VIP getaway at Disney’s vacation kingdom. Bell’s jaw dropped and smiled from “ear to ear,” Creech shares. The visiting Disney officials gave the little boy an animated Simba toy, which made Bell extremely grateful.


Photo Credit: HLN (via CNN)


Bell is a selfless child and feels overwhelmed with his act of selflessness, Creech states. However, it’s not shocking because “this is exactly who he is.” She is proud to have a budding philanthropist, Creech shares. Bell’s decision to assist evacuees went viral, which the boy did not expect. Bell has been “embracing” all the attention, “though he never set out to go viral.”


Photo Credit: Adam Delgiudice / AFP / Getty (via People)


The kind 7-year-old wants to help children in the Bahamas. As revealed by Ron Brackett and Jan Wesner Childs of American pay television channel The Weather Channel, “at least 45 people have died but thousands are missing.” Hopefully, Bell will be able to “donate some proceeds or purchase care packages,” Creech says as she expresses her optimism on her son’s future.




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