Toothbrush Removed From a Man's Stomach 20 Years Later

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Toothbrush Removed From a Man's Stomach 20 Years Later


A 51-year-old former prisoner, surnamed Li, tried to kill himself 20 years ago by swallowing a toothbrush. He was from Shenzhen, a major city in Guangdong Province in China. During that time, he was informed that he had contracted HIV through his drug use. Li attempted suicide but failed, leaving him with no discomfort. 


Photo Credit: AsiaWire (via Mirror)


After two decades, Li has stopped taking drugs and started HIV treatment. He got married after being released from prison and has two children now. Mirror, a British online site, reported that Li went to see a doctor after experiencing pain in his abdomen. After undergoing a CT scan, doctors were stunned to see the object lodged in his bile duct. They used an endoscope to fish the toothbrush from his intestines which were unrecognizable. The bristles had disintegrated and the toothbrush had completely blackened. 

Fortunately, the toothbrush had no negative impacts on Li’s health. It could have reached his liver and led to a fatal infection if it had been left there. According to an article by the Daily Star, a daily tabloid newspaper in the UK, this is not the first time that a toothbrush was found in a person’s stomach. Recently, a young woman named Ayla Haines, 26, revealed that a toothbrush was left inside her for 10 months. She swallowed it out of “desperation” on a psychiatric unit she has lived on for seven years.


Photo Credit: AsiaWire (via Mirror)


Haines was admitted to the Northamptonshire Assessment and Treatment Unit (ATU). Jane Haines, her mother, said that her daughter’s stay at ATU had detrimental impacts on her health. According to her, it left Haines ‘desperate to end it all’ and she hasn’t been able to leave the ward for the past year. The toothbrush remains in her body until now since the doctors advised them the object would pass naturally. They are currently monitoring her. 




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