Thinking of Sprucing Up Your Place With Paintings? Here Are Some Ideas to Keep in Mind

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Thinking of Sprucing Up Your Place With Paintings? Here Are Some Ideas to Keep in Mind


While there are fully furnished and decorated apartments and houses available on the market, the truth is, unless you are a bona fide interior designer, designing and buying furniture and other elements for your house can be half the trouble. Say you want to try going back to the classics and buying actual paintings to hang on your walls, how would you even go about doing that? What are the most important things to remember? Where would you even hang them?

Of course, this is if you have already chosen a painting to match your walls. That presents an entirely different set of problems for anyone. In this case, though, let us assume that you have chosen your art carefully and are now ready to tackle the problem of trying to figure out where to put it, so what are the important things to remember? 


Painting size / Photo by: Fresh Home


Size Matters

The first thing to remember when incorporating art inside your home is that it has to be the right size for any wall or surface you’re planning to hang it on. Freshome, a website offering interior design home ideas and tips for decorating your living space, suggests measuring the wall you want to put a painting on. 

This is important because the first thing to remember when you want to buy a piece of art that spans your entire wall, the best way to do it is to ensure that you can leave out at least 6 to 12 inches on each side of the painting. This way the painting looks like it is smack-dab in the center. 



Hanging low / Photo by: Fresh Home


Hanging Low

If you don’t want to put the artwork smack dab in the center, Elle, a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment, suggests that the best way to hang scattered and small pieces of art is to keep it at least 8 to 16 inches from the ground. This might be too low to some but don’t panic! This is important and is nothing to be afraid of if your art pieces are a series. 



Flower painting / Photo by: Fresh Home


Match the Scenery

In a way, hanging art on the wall is also like giving a personality to each room. Keep this personality in mind and hang art that you want to capture the essence of the room with. That is, if you want to hang paintings on your wall, make sure that you either pick a color for the room or a recurring theme. For example, Home Edit states that it doesn’t matter all that much if the paintings are not all from the same artist or don’t share the same color palette as long as “they’re the same kind of picture.” 



Various portraits / Photo by: Home Edit


Go by the Art

In case you’re a little lost as to how to make an empty room in your house work with certain art pieces, Elle’s helpful advice is to consider that you can switch it up. You can start by buying a piece of art you might like, go with your gut, and then use that piece to build your room. This ensures that you have at last a clear view in your head of what you want the room to look like and from there, it will hopefully be easier to make it all come together. 



A portrait in the bathroom / Photo by: Home Edit


Bathroom Art

Ah, yes, the one place everyone in the world reflects about human existence—and there are no paintings? Elle says that putting art in the bathroom is a key step in making sure that all the art in your house will be connected in some way. And the fact that the bathroom is also a place where you sometimes, ehem, spend a lot of time in, Elle suggests keeping bathroom art quirky and a little crazy to keep you and probably also your guests a little entertained. 



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