8 Most Painful Piercings

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8 Most Painful Piercings


Tattoos and piercings often go hand-in-hand, although not all the time. They are both a way to express one’s self—and also to get yourself hurt. Just like tattoos, the level at which a person feels the pain of a piercing depends on where they want to get pierced, as well as their own pain threshold. Here’s a quick list of the most painful piercings that you can avoid (or try if you’re up for this kind of adventure).


Nipple piercing / Photo by: Piercee



Getting a nipple piercing is as painful as you can imagine. The nipple is among the most sensitive areas of the body, as each one has hundreds of nerve endings. Piercee, a website dedicated to basics of piercing, says having a needle go through the sensitive bud will give you excruciating pain.



Cartilage piercing / Photo by: Piercee



Getting a piercing on this part of the ear will likely hurt more than any other part. This is because it’s found at the top half of the ear, making it denser than the lobe. Celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson tells Refinery29, an American digital media and entertainment company focused on young women, that the pain is due to “more drag on the needle when pulling it through the cartilage.

“So, yes, it hurts a little more than other holes, but is tolerable enough that I've never met anyone who couldn't handle it.”



Anti-tragus piercing / Photo by: Piercee



Piercing on the anti-tragus, located above the earlobe and is opposite the tragus, is considered to be one of the worst and most painful piercing. This is due to its location in a very sensitive area of the ear. The fact that the piercing needle also goes through the thick cartilage adds to the pain level.



Nose piercing / Photo by: Piercee



Thompson says the reason why nose piercings are painful is that the “most uncomfortable piercings are going to be the ones on your head.” The bundle of nerves on the nose—since it is one of your senses—is what makes piercing it so painful. But at the most, the pain will likely be at mild eye-watering level.



Industrial Piercing / Photo by: Piercee



This type of piercing is a double puncture of upper cartilage and uses a single piece of jewelry. Since the location is at the upper cartilage, and that it is a double perforation, the pain will likely be more intense.



Dermal piercing / Photo by: Piercee



Dermal piercing is also known as single-point piercing since it goes through the surface of the flesh. The pain that this piercing would bring depends on the location where it will be done and if the dermal punch will be used. Piercee adds that the abundance of nerves distribution all over the body sets the pain level to reach 7 out of 10 on a pain scale.



Conch piercing / Photo by: Piercee



A conch piercing is a puncture in the largest cartilage of the ear’s middle area and can be done outside or inside. The complex procedure of perforation and long recovery time are what causes intense pain. Risks of soreness and being swollen add to some unpleasant feelings when getting a conch piercing.



Navel piercing / Photo by: Piercee



The thought of getting your navel pierced freaks people out since they believe that the thickness of the skin around it will cause it to hurt more. But this isn’t true, according to Thompson. He says that when getting a navel piercing, it’s best to think that the process feels more like heavy pressure than extreme pain.