New Study Claimed That Half of Americans Wear Their Underwear For Two Days

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New Study Claimed That Half of Americans Wear Their Underwear For Two Days


As a child, we were taught to always change our clothes. It is a must to always change our underwear every day since it is a piece of clothing that protects the intimate areas of the body. However, a new study conducted found out that there are some people who let their underwear to stay on their bodies for two days longer. 

In an article by People Magazine, it mentioned that the latest survey was conducted by an underwear company called Tommy John. They found out that there are many Americans who claim that they are wearing underwear for two days or longer. It also found out that men are “2.5 times as likely as women to wear their underwear for a week or more.”


Underwear letting it dry / Photo by: Getty Images via People


“To find out more about the intimate hygiene habits of America's, well, intimates, we surveyed 2,000 men and women to see how long they wear and keep their underwear,” the company stated. During the initial studies, 1,000 respondents were asked about their underwear habits. 45% say that they wear the same pair of underwear for two or more days and 13% state that “they have worn the same pair for a week or more.”

The second survey which also conducted with 1,000 people, they measured how long they are holding on to the same pairs of underwear. The company stated that “46% of Americans have owned the same piece of underwear for one year or more, and 38% claimed that they have no idea how long they’ve had their underwear.” 

The company pointed out that these kinds of habits can be very unhygienic. A 2017 Good Housekeeping study mentioned that clean underwear contains 10,000 living bacteria. This is because the underwear can accumulate different kinds of microorganisms and fungal germs which increases the risks of illnesses. This includes yeast infections and urinary tract infections. 


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