Owner Shocked As Dog Buys Expensive Porn

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Owner Shocked As Dog Buys Expensive Porn


“My dog ate my homework!” -- this was a popular joke running around on schools as students try to find a  way to find an excuse for missing their homework. This might be a plausible excuse at first, but would you believe if there is a dog who accidentally bought a pricey porn movie. 

The UNILAD UK, a British Internet media company and website, reported that Thomas Barnes reported that his dog accidentally bought him an expensive porn movie. Although there is nothing wrong about watching some adult entertainment, this news came as a surprise and an entertaining one. 


The dog who bought expensive porn / Photo by: Mike Barnes via Insider


Reports explained that while Barnes from North Carolina was enjoying some quiet normal TV afternoon, his Bichon Frise Marino suddenly leaped beside him. To his surprise, his little furbaby landed accurately on the remote which made the dog bought the adult movie for his fur parent. 

Barnes claimed that the dog’s paws switched the TV to Hustler, a pay-per-view adult channel where the pooch bought the $70 porn movie. The dog owner immediately called his cable provider and explained what happened. Fortunately, the Cable provider assured that the mistake would be acknowledged and the record of him watching would be deleted. 


Watching an online streaming site program / Photo by: Pexels via Insider


Afterward, when Barnes checked it, he found out that he still has access to the adult film channel. “That 70 dollars, you’re taking food out of my mouth. It’s like you’re stealing it,” Barnes told the News Observer, where he explained that he only relies on Social Security disability payments. On the other hand, the cable provider has agreed to credit his next bill after the complainant filed a Federal Communications Commission complaint. 

This is also not the first time that an accident related to pornography was involved. In July, a police officer pleaded guilty to fraud after he used a family’s cable TV to order pornographic content while he was on duty.


Doing research / Photo by: Pixabay via Insider