Son Sues Parents for Being Born Without His Consent

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Son Sues Parents for Being Born Without His Consent


It's one thing for a child to complain about being born, but it's a whole different story when they want to have their parents be legally liable to it. And it's not just about providing for them either, but about bringing a child into the world without their consent.

Raphael Samuel, a 27-year-old security business owner from India, tells UNILAD that he plans to take legal actions against his parents for giving birth to him. Samuel and his parents get along "extremely well," with the exception of some issues with his father—who is struggling to come to terms with his son's agenda.

His belief system clashes with his positive relationship with his mum and dad. Samuel takes on anti-natalism in which he is "primarily against any and all sentient life being born."

"I want everyone in India to realize they are born without their consent," Samuel tells UNILAD, sharing his mission statement. "They do not owe their parents anything. Basically, none of us have consented to be here. We came by our parents’ discretion."

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"They got a certain joy by having us, certain happiness. We were not asked. It’s not even possible to ask. I am going against the very fundamentals of human existence and reproduction," he adds.

One of the reasons why Samuel plans to sue his parents is that even with the "freedom, the ability to live according to your beliefs and increasing equality," he doesn't have any hobbies or interests. He is hoping to use the case—as well as the media's attention—to file a case under Article 21 of the Indian constitution that manifests the right to life.

The security business owner also wants to add a clause that states any person who gives life to a child—meaning all parents—are liable to maintain that life. He also wishes to "introduce a wider idea to the court that parenthood must be licensed and under strict procedure" and has a strong standing of being pro-choice in regards to abortion.

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"I feel people should have children only when they are healthy, can provide enough and have thought about it thoroughly. But I definitely feel no one should be pressured into having a child."

Samuel says Indian children are often seen as "investments or an insurance scheme," and treats their parents as backup plans in case of failure.

"Motherhood is almost compulsory in most societies in India. The whole world treats the conception of a child-like their personal business and most children in India almost ruin their lives trying to please their parents."




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