Man Marries Two Girlfriends in Unusual Ceremony

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Man Marries Two Girlfriends in Unusual Ceremony


Marriage is usually shared by two people celebrating their love for each other. But this particular Indonesian groom, who hasn’t been named, tied the knot with his two girlfriends in one ceremony. According to him, he took such a decision because he couldn’t bear the thought of having to hurt one of the girls. 

Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group, reported that the trio’s ceremony which was held on August 17 recently went viral on Facebook. Although this seems an unusual setup for married couples, the man stated that they are all getting along. In fact, he didn’t see anything wrong about marrying two women at the same time. It was also reported that the groom paid the brides’ families a fair amount of dowry. This is a common practice in Indonesia which is considered proof that the man will be able to take care of his bride.


A man in Indonesia marrying his two girlfriends / Photo by: Jashodara Mukherjee via News 18


Polygamy in Indonesia is also not a new concept and is completely legal. This has been practiced by Muslims, Balinese, and the Papuan for several years. According to the Quran, Muslim men can marry up to four women as long as they can support each equally. In the Indonesian law, it states that men can only enter a polygamous marriage if he has the consent of his first wife. However, this kind of practice has been more complicated in the modern era. For instance, a ‘Polygamy Awards’ ceremony was held in 2003 which was welcomed with protests saying, “Monogamy Yes, Polygamy No.”

In 2006, Abdullah Gymnastiar, a well-known businessman, faced a nationwide backlash after marrying a second woman. He eventually lost several television contracts and businesses because of the issue. Vicky Irwan Zaeni, who is pro-polygamy, explained why the practice has been receiving controversies. “Of course, as a polygamy practitioner myself, I have seen many transgressions caused by some who didn’t practice polygamy in the proper manner. Most of these men want to have a polygamous relationship to satisfy their carnal desires, not because of their religious faith,” he said.


An example of polygamy / Photo by: Gleb TV via 123RF




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