This Pub Offers to Pay for Your Headstone if You Die Eating their Massive Meal

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This Pub Offers to Pay for Your Headstone if You Die Eating their Massive Meal


We all can’t resist great food, right? So when The George Pub and Grill in County Durham introduced their massive meal called the Big Ben Number 10, their customers can’t resist. After closing its doors due to a fire, the business is back with greater offers for their customers. 


Photo Credit: SWNS (via LAD Bible)


Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group, reported that the pub’s latest meaty creation consists of 10 burgers and dozens of slices of cheese for £28.95. The meal weighs about 1.5 kg, not mentioning the chips. It can weigh more than that when extra bacon and cheese are added for £6.90. The Big Ben Number 10 has 12,000 calories or around five times a person’s recommended daily intake. If you think that the feast sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen, you are probably right. 


Photo Credit: SWNS (via LAD Bible)


Craig Harker, the pub’s owner, advises his customers to eat the massive meal at their own risk. He even pledged £500 towards a person’s gravestone if you die attempting to finish their ultimate burger challenge. “This burger will go down as bragging rights with friends, and I can see all the big eaters going for our Big Ben Number 10. With over 12,000 calories, the meal comes with a warning to eat at your own risk, but there’s some compensation – if it kills you, we’ll pay up to £500 for your headstone,” he said. 


Photo Credit: SWNS (via LAD Bible)


Fortunately, Harker made sure that the food challenge is doable. He invited competitive eater Kyle Gibson of YouTube channel “Kyle V Food.” Gibson has been known in the competitive eating world for quite some time now. He managed to finish the Big Ben Number 10 in just 21 minutes and 56 seconds, including the chips. “That burger was absolutely delicious – the best I’ve ever tasted. It was so soft, full of flavor, and filled a small hole. Overall, it’s a quality burger.”




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