Couple Fakes Baby's Birth and Death Using a Doll

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Couple Fakes Baby's Birth and Death Using a Doll


Easton Walt Lang, son of married couple Kaycee and Geoffrey Lang from Pennsylvania, was born July but died after only five hours. The couple claimed that their son had Respiratory Distress Syndrome, which led to his death. However, all of this was a lie.

Unilad, a British Internet media company and website owned by LADbible Group, reported that the couple is now facing charges after faking the pregnancy, birth, and death of their son to get gifts and money. The authorities also charged them with theft by deception and receiving stolen property, collecting donations for the baby’s “funeral.” Through a GoFundMe page, the couple was able to receive more than $600 in cash, gas money, groceries, and gift cards. 

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The lie started when Kaycee pretended to be pregnant, sharing pictures of her baby bump on Facebook. She also received various gifts at a baby shower. However, Kaycee claimed that she was required bed rest during the last two months of her “pregnancy.” On July 3, the couple posted images of their “newborn baby.” Shortly, they announced that the baby died hours later. A fake obituary said: “Easton’s parents were blessed with just a little over 5 hours before he went to his heavenly home at 8:20 a.m. Easton experienced holding hands and hugs and kisses with his mommy and daddy and being told uncountable number of ‘I love yous’.”

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However, not everyone was buying the tragic story. Cynthia Dilascio, Kaycee’s friend, became suspicious of their version of events. She decided to contact the funeral home where the baby had supposedly been cremated. However, she was informed that they had no record of an Easton Lang having been cremated there. Dilascio then contacted the police. It was revealed that there was no hospital record of Easton’s birth and death, and that the baby was a doll.

In a statement, GoFundMe said: “This type of behavior is not tolerated on GoFundMe. We will fully cooperate with law enforcement officials during their investigation and we will issue full refunds to all donors.”





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