Teen Nearly Dies from Vaping, Mom Issues Viral Warning on Facebook

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Teen Nearly Dies from Vaping, Mom Issues Viral Warning on Facebook


Last month, Piper Johnson was driving with Ruby Johnson, the teen’s mother, from their home in New Lenox to college in Colorado when she became ill as the pair traveled through Nebraska, according to American news broadcaster NBC News. Piper Johnson’s family said she almost died “from a sudden lung illness after vaping.” 

Ruby Johnson thought that it would be a quick visit to the hospital, speculating the possibility of her daughter having bronchitis. The mother also believed her 18-year-old daughter would be “fixed up quick and moving into her dorm the next day.” Much to her disappointment, it wasn’t the case. An urgent care visit showed early signs of pneumonia. However, Johnson’s family noted that “things declined very quickly.” The next morning, Piper Johnson was admitted to the emergency room, where she spent a week in the hospital. The teenager’s malady became Chicago’s first case of “sudden and severe lung illness due to vaping.” 


Photo Credit: NBC Chicago


In a Facebook post by Ruby Johnson, her teen daughter was sent to the ER for a CT scan, showing “what the ER doctor called a diffuse pneumonia.” It was contained all over the teenager’s lungs, not just in one lobe of the organ. The doctors struggled to get a pulse ox reading in the 90s. As Ruby Johnson closed her post, she noted that Piper Johnson would not move in to her dormitory, adding that they were not leaving the hospital that day “or any day soon.”

The Johnson family was not aware that their daughter vaped two to three flavored nicotine pods a week. Piper Johnson is expected to “make a full recovery.” Since then, her mother’s post was shared more than 500,000 times. Ruby Johnson advised readers to talk to their kids and friends. The family calls on the FDA to crackdown on vape manufacturers. They also contacted Sen. Dick Durbin’s office. It is revealed that the Johnson family has plans to drop by Springfield to share their story. 


The Johnson Parents / Photo Credit: NBC Chicago


NBC News mentions that there has been “at least one death in Illinois possibly linked to vaping and at least 22 other hospitalizations,” as found by the Illinois Department of Public Health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found a 78% increase use of e-cigarettes among high school students from 2017 to 2018. Alternatively, there was nearly a 50% increase in middle schoolers using e-cigarettes. 

As more stories about the risks of vaping arise, it remains to be a growing national concern.    




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