7 “Deathliest” Sports In History

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7 “Deathliest” Sports In History

With sportsmanship comes camaraderie, difficult competition, and a firstful of emotions -with emphasis on the fist. Sports can become violent and brutal, with some coming out with injuries and sometimes even death. It makes us realize why players and athletes need fans to cheer them on.

According to a short list on Neatorama, the bloodiest sports in history are not just your typical modern-day sports, but also include sports dated centuries ago, some ceremonial, some still played to this day, but all resulting in 100% certain injury or death.


1. Dead Goat Polo

Buzkashi, known as Dead Goat Polo, is the national sport in Afghanistan. This sport can be likened to a modern game of Polo with horse-mounted players in efforts to place an animal head (usually an goat) in a goal. This king’s sport is almost considered as military training, adopted from tribesmen, and included hundreds and thousands of players on either side.


2. Aztec Paddleball

Ullamaliztli, known as Aztec Paddleball, is a game played a hundred years ago. Here, two teams with hip paddles or stone belts bounce a rubber ball towards a narrow court with inclined walls to aim at an elevated goal. The losers were sacrificed to the gods. 


3. X-treme Cricket

Played by Vikings, Knattleilr, known as Viking Lacrosse or X-treme Cricket, was a very violent game played to train for personal combat. This was known to be violent as Vikings had a reputation as the fiercest predators, invaders, barbarians, and warriors). While the details of this game are not concrete considering it was played centuries back, and only recorded in the 1900s, what can be said is that people played the game, that players had disputes, and that blood was spilled.


4. Cheese Rolling

In Gloucestershire, England, an annual game called Cheese Rolling exists, speculated to originate from Pagan fertility and harvest rituals. While then name is very misleading, also one of the most absurd sports on record, this sport is also extremely dangerous. Up to 20 contestants chase an 8-pound circular block of cheese and try to catch it before it hits the bottom of the 300 yards length, steep, and bumpy hillside. Bones breaking and heads splitting are a normal occurrence, with spectators also injured from player's rolling out of control and hitting them.


5. Ice Hockey

A modern-day team sport played on ice where players use sticks to shoot hard rubber hockey pucks into a net in order to score points. A team would consist of 4 lines of 3 forwards, 3 pairs of defenders, and 2 goalies on either team. With hockey, there is a higher risk of getting a concussion than any form of injury as ice affects control of players -stopping time is slowed, its harder to react to someone coming straight at you, and players go faster on ice than on land, making injuries greater and harder to avoid.


6. Mixed Martial Arts

The sport, a full-contact combat sport allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, from standing positions to ground positions within a cage. Almost every game results in blood, injuries, broken bones, and unconsciousness. The sport was developed in Brazil from the 1920s and was brought to the United States in 1993 with the founding of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).


7. Rugby

Said to have originated in England during 1893 when a rowdy rebellious child decided to pick up the football during a football match and decided to run. It is because of the need to physically hold the ball and pass it, is what makes the sport violent. It has become a contact sport where players tackle each other, and are possibly trampled on, giving numerous injuries each game. The object of the game is to score more points than the opponents within 80 minutes of the allotted match. Usually consisting of a team of 15 players, the playing area does not exceed 100 meters. Equipment used include studded booths, mouthguards, headguards, shoulder pads, and shin pads.



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