China Introduces First Cloned Kitten

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China Introduces First Cloned Kitten


Cats are known for their nine lives. But British shorthair Garlic has ten.

Last year, Garlic died leaving Huang Yu, his owner, devastated. He buried the cat in a park close to his home. While he was mourning, Yu stumbled upon this article about dog cloning in China. After reading the article, he was decided: he will bring Garlic back. He dug up his British shorthair and put him in his refrigerator in preparation for cloning him. This decision led him to Sinogene, a Beijing-based commercial pet-cloning company.

On July 21, Sinogene finally introduced the new Garlic - the company’s first successfully copied cat. According to, the procedure had cost Yu $35,000. Despite being so expensive, many people are patronizing it and surprisingly, most of them were not high earners.


Cloned kitten named Garlic / Photo by: Phys


Mi Jidong, the company’s chief executive officer, stated that a large proportion of their clients are young people who have only graduated in the last few years. "Whatever the origin of pets, owners will see them as part of the family. Pet cloning meets the emotional needs of young generations,” he added. 

Yu was overjoyed upon seeing the new Garlic, saying that the two cats have more than 90 percent similarities. But he hopes that the new cat has the same personality as the old one. "When Garlic died, I was very sad. I couldn't face the facts because it was sudden death. I blame myself for not taking him to the hospital in time, which led to his death,” Yu recalled. 

This is not the first time that Sinogene had done this procedure. The company has already replicated 40 pet clone dogs for the past years. Mi is expecting that the pet cloning market will grow even more as the pet market in China also rises. 

Process of cloning / Photo by: Phys




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