Hangover Anxiety Makes People Regret Drinking Alcohol

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Hangover Anxiety Makes People Regret Drinking Alcohol


Weekends are considered as the day when people hang out and drink away their troubles. It is a very nice way to end a very tiresome week. Unfortunately, the morning after a night out is also one of the worst things that could happen to anyone. As a responsible adult, it is not an option to stay in bed and succumb to the awful results of a hangover. 

Aside from the bad physical effects of a hangover, alcohol drinkers know that nagging thought found in the back of the head: “Did I do something stupid last night?” This is called “hangover anxiety,” and during this episode, it would seem like there are missing pieces on your brain that was removed as you gulped down a bottle or two. 


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In an article published by UNILAD UK, an internet media company and website that publishes social news and entertainment, they reported that hangover anxiety is also known as “hangxiety.” This is a legitimate condition that has a direct effect on people’s mood. Worse, it comes together with the awful physical hangover symptoms like headaches and nausea. 


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This happens when the sedative effects of alcohol wear off. The person will start feeling the alcohol withdrawal, which is similar to the feelings of people who are dependent on alcohol. The symptoms of hangxiety include depression and anxiety. UNILAD UK interviewed a 26-year-old woman from Central London, who swore that her anxiety hangover got so bad that she had to end her year-long career in the music industry.


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The woman also added that the hangover anxiety that she experienced include fatigue, lethargy, and an unbearable feeling of guilt. She said that it would cause her to feel panic about normal things. After she gave up on drinking alcohol, she claimed that she now found a “happy medium” where she can control her drinking habits.




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