Illegal Pig Syndicate Smuggles Hog Sperm Into Australia

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Illegal Pig Syndicate Smuggles Hog Sperm Into Australia


Two Australian farmers, GD Pork’s WA pork producer and managing director Torben Soerensen and production manager Henning Laue, desired to increase the fertility of their pigs, according to an article published in All That’s Interesting. Danish hogs produce more pigs per litter. But there’s a catch. Danish hogs may introduce foreign diseases such as pig plague to Australian pigs.


Photo Credit: ABC Rural Tyne Logan


Soerensen and Laue were arrested “for an involvement in an illegal racket” that lasted for years. The pair endangered the lives of the public with other viral diseases like African Swine Fever and Foot and Mouth Diseases. The root cause? The duo smuggled Danish pig semen, which was hidden in shampoo bottles!

As reported by Jon Daly and Kath Sullivan of Australian news network ABC News, 199 sows were inseminated with the semen. It was trafficked by Danish nationals and GD Pork’s major stakeholders. Soerensen has been sentenced to three years in prison, while Laue would be jailed for two years. Soerensen will be released after 18 months good behavior, and Laue after eight months. GD Pork was fined $500,000 and presently, the firm is in liquidation.


Photo Credit: FreeStockPhotos.Biz (via All Thats Interesting)


Soerensen’s lawyer argued that “his actions were ‘stupid’” and he had been the “front man” of a grand scheme orchestrated by Danish investors. According to the court, they heard that the masterminds behind the smuggling were the major investors in Pork Australia ApS, GD Pork’s parent company. All investors are based in Denmark. Hence, they are not under the jurisdiction of Australian laws.


Photo Credit: ABC Rural Tyne Logan


The court heard that between 2009 and 2017, the illegal importations were done by Pork Australia ApS shareholder and Henrik Enderlein, a Danish pork producer. Judge Troy Sweeney declared that if the Danish nationals were in court, they would be subjected to longer sentences. Soerensen and Laue breached the Commonwealth biosecurity and quarantine laws, which were deemed as "too serious, too blatant, and too sustained" to ignore by Judge Sweeney.

Australian Pork Limited chief executive Margo Andrae perceived Soerensen and Laue’s scheme as a “shocking violation of trust.”




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