Need a Car? Singapore Sells Them in a Vending Machine

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Need a Car? Singapore Sells Them in a Vending Machine



Singapore puts a whole new spin to having things at the tip of your fingertips because in Autobahn Motors, Ferraris, Bentleys, and Porsches are sold in a vending machine. 

These are not small, 3-and-up car models made to fit in the palm of your kids’ stubby hands, these are legitimate cars being sold in the world’s largest luxury car vending machine. According to Fortune, Autobahn Motors’ general manager Gary Hong said this idea for a 15-story tower was inspired, unsurprisingly, by Matchbox cars displays. 

“We decided to build something a bit different to solve the problem,” Hong said. And they really made good on the commitment of it being different. 


The ABM building from Fortune's Video / Screengrab by: Autobahn Motors Senatus via Fortune Video


Hong also spoke to Singapore-based English-language daily broadsheet The Straits Times about the car vending machine idea and there explained that he was looking around at a Toys R Us branch one time with his son when he saw the exact Matchbox cars display. All that was left to do was make the idea come to life. 

Thankfully, Hong already had a background in car dealership, having been part of a family-owned business for years. 

When the idea came about, Hong researched for “smart integrated solutions.” Since space is not such a luxury for Singapore, Hong told the Straits Times that his partners suggested an “automotive inventory management system.” 


The Still shot of the building : Photo by: Ong Wee Jin via The Straits Times


It cost $3 million in total to create but it paid off as the showroom not only helped them sell cars more effectively, due in large part to the unique presentation, but because they also pulled out all the stops to create it. That is, a touchscreen display allows consumers to pick a car they want to see and it is brought to them in mere minutes. 

The showroom gets regular visits that they reported at least 90,000 views on their YouTube channel when they uploaded the video last week. If you are fortunate enough to go to Singapore to visit the marvel yourself, Fortune reports that this vending machine can hold up to 60 cars and even house sight-seeing customers at the same time. 

Because of the rousing success of the design, Hong says some people even come to their showroom to find inspiration in the way this magnificent car vending machine was built. 

"They are coming here to experience and witness the technology available for them to incorporate into their buildings for space management and parking solutions," Hong said.


A vending machine / Photo by: Crystaltalks via Pixabay




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