South Carolina Woman Nearly Loses Limb After Alligator Attack

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South Carolina Woman Nearly Loses Limb After Alligator Attack


A South Carolina man was heard frantically seeking help for after an alligator attacked his wife in a newly released 911 call.

According to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, the 8-to-9-foot alligator attacked Deborah Cook while she was walking her dog around 10 p.m in the Sun City retirement community on Hilton Head Island. Her husband rushed up to her, called 911, and described the woman's wounds to the dispatcher, People magazine reports.


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"It was the right leg and her right hand is almost chewed off," the husband, identified as Gary, said in the audio recording of the call obtained by Inside Edition. "I’m holding the flesh onto her."

"Help me," said Deborah, who Gary found laying in their background. He said the alligator was back in the lagoon by the time he found his wife.

"I’m trying to, Debbie, I’m trying to. Hold on," he said, as per the 911 call. "You’ll be alright, Debbie. You’ve just got a bad bite on your leg."


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Their dog fled during the attack and was unharmed, a report from the Associated Press stated. After being treated at the scene, responders took Deborah to the Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia.

Authorities captured and euthanized two alligators that matched the woman's description, a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office told People Magazine. Investigators are looking into the incident.

"I hate to hear this has happened again," said local resident Debra Porter following the attack on Deborah. "It’s a terrible thing that has happened. But what can you do, they’re animals. If you have a little dog walking — especially close to the water — to [the alligator], that’s food."


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Deborah's attack came nearly a year after 45-year-old Cassandra Cline was killed after an 8-foot alligator attacked her while she was walking her dog near a lagoon on Hilton Head Island.

Local officials believe the woman was protecting her dog during the attack, causing her to be pulled underwater. Cline died at the scene moments after she was pulled out of the water, said David Lucas, of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.



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