'TV Santa Claus' Caught Leaving Old TVs in Virginia Homes

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'TV Santa Claus' Caught Leaving Old TVs in Virginia Homes


Homeowners in Henrico County, Virginia found old box TVs on their front porches one Sunday morning—a bizarre gift from what the residents call the "TV Santa Claus."

Security cameras from several houses filmed a man wearing an old television set on his head and leaving box TVs on the people's front porch. Upon opening their front doors, homeowners found themselves staring at the TV screen.

Residents and local police concluded that the TV Santa Claus was merely a bored prankster who, according to People magazine, pulled off the same act to over 50 homes in the county.


Photo Credit: ABC 6 (via People)


Residents were grateful for authorities and the Solid Waste Division for removing the TVs from their porches, which they did so in "just over an hour," Henrico Police Lieutenant Matt Pecka told local CBS station WTVR-TV.

"Nobody should have to now go to the dump, pay the $3 and have to dispose of someone else’s garbage," said homeowner Jim Brooksbank. While he admitted that the prank was funny, Brooksbank said it was also a bit pointless.

"It’s sort of funny… He wants to be known as the TV Santa Claus, I don’t know," he said, as quoted by People magazine. "I can’t think of any technology or political point that would be valid here. It’s just a senseless prank."

He theorized that the "TV Man" just wanted to "put a little humor in our lives" as summer slowly comes to an end and people begin their preparations to go back to school.


Photo Credit: WTVR Richmond (via People)


This wasn't the first time that people in Henrico County received old TVs from the TV-wearing delivery person. Last year, residents from another community also woke up to find old TVs left on their front porches. WTVR-TV reported that the old sets were found at some 20 homes in county's Grey Oaks neighborhood.

While it is unclear if there were any committed crimes that came with the TV Man's odd delivery, local police encourage residents to contact the Henrico County department if they spot wayward television sets.