8 College Programs You May Want to Consider if You’ve Run Out of Ideas

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8 College Programs You May Want to Consider if You’ve Run Out of Ideas


Every teenager facing the problem of deciding which career path should they choose knows how tormenting that stage in life is, especially for those who haven’t realized where their true passion lies and those who are conflicted whether they should follow a safe path or follow their heart.

Degree opportunities in college can look both small and wide at the same. On one hand, a student may look at the list of programs and see that there are only a few that they may consider as something that they can take on, so it limits the choices a student can have based on their preference and capabilities. Worse, there could be none.

On the other hand, a student may feel overwhelmed by the many programs they can choose from, which may look good until they have to zero in on one, which they deem is their best choice. Hence, the student may get conflicted about their own career preference because they don’t even know what their best fit is.

In either case, students may suddenly have a change of heart in the middle of their chosen program because that’s the only time they realize what they really want to do. For those who have suddenly realized that they would want to follow the least trodden road to tertiary education, there are many peculiar programs around the world that they can choose from.


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Medieval Studies

Forget history major courses. If you are a history buff except you’re only interested in the Medieval era and you want to learn more about them for a living, the University of Oregon offers this program for $35,478 a year for out-of-state students and $11,898 for in-state ones.


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Puppet Arts

At the University of Connecticut, they offer a Puppet Arts program to those who have a refined taste when it comes to dolls, miniatures, and toys for $53,152 for out-of-state students and $30,484 for in-state students.


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Somatic Studies

If you’re more of an introspective person who has a particular interest in people’s dreams, consciousness, and the human mind in general, but somehow has given up on Psychology, then this might be the program for you. The Evergreen State College offers Somatic Studies for $40,842 for out-of-state students and $22,326 for in-state students.


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Toy Design

This is like for those who are in the Puppet Arts field but knows how to party. The Toy Design program offered at Otis College of Art and Design can teach you how to make a toy sell itself to children, delving into theories about games, child psychology, and the transition from miniature toys to mobile games and how to succeed from it. This program costs $23,050 a year.


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You may find it surprising but there is a college program dedicated to studying turfgrasses seen in sports like football, baseball, and golf. Clemson University claims that the Turfgrass degree is more in-demand than one may think, which is understandable, because of the hundreds of golf courses in South Carolina alone, and it costs less than other programs in this list, ranging from $7,485 to $18,362 a year.


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LGBTQ+ Studies

Do you want to help pave a better future for our fellow LGBTQ+ members in society? This program offered in the San Diego State University may be the one for you. Here, you will learn about the many concepts behind the gender spectrum. You don’t have to be an LGBTQ+ to qualify. Being an ally is enough and a spare $42,402 a year for tuition.


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You don’t have to be a chemistry graduate to have a wine cellar full of your own creations from your own vineyard. You can major in winemaking, which is offered in the Washington State University for $37,721 for out-of-state students and $23,485 for in-state students. But you’ll probably not spend your free time drinking with your friends because chances are, you’ll get sick of the alcohol you encounter everyday in class.


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Mortuary Science

Finally, for those who, at one point, thought about wanting to die because of all the stress college brings. Don’t do anything crazy. Instead, take your time studying Mortuary Science at the University of Minnesota (from $28,676 to $48,402) if you’re just too attracted at the Grim Reaper. You’ll be of great help to society too, so there’s your newfound purpose.




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