CCTV Captures A Bear Stealing Dog Food From Front Porch

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CCTV Captures A Bear Stealing Dog Food From Front Porch


A sneaky bear was seen stealing a package full of dog food from a front porch in Thornhurst, Lackawanna County. In an article published by Unilad UK, the footage shows that it is not a good idea to leave a parcel outside. 

Handling a human thief sounds a lot easier than preventing a huge bear from stealing anything. Reports explained that the animal probably spotted the package from the woods where it lived, and even though there are other boxes around, it chose to grab the box full of dog food. This bear must be very smart because it's like grabbing a ready meal. 


Photo Credit: John Meyer on Facebook (via Unilad)


The bear also had the great opportunity to run away with the box since the box was very close to the stairs. The video showed that the bear was very determined as it sank its teeth into the box and started to back away slowly down the stairs. After it successfully reached the flat ground, the bear picked up the pace and quickly went back into the woods with its loot. 


Photo Credit: John Meyer on Facebook (via Unilad)


According to WNEP news anchor Jon Meyer, the Newman family, who owns the front porch, contacted the online pet food and product retailer of the stolen dog food. After the family showed the video, the pet food retailer sent a replacement box for free. The incident will likely to happen again because the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) explained that once a bear finds an accessible food source, they will surely come back for more. 

PCG also estimated that there are 20,000 bears living in the state. The organization also mentioned that there are three bear species that are inhabiting North America, and the black bear species are found in Pennsylvania.




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