Man Hospitalized With Collapsed Lung After Having “Too Much Karaoke”

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Man Hospitalized With Collapsed Lung After Having “Too Much Karaoke”

The saying usually goes that "too much love will kill you," but in this case, it's most likely karaoke. Even though some people to sing their hearts out, one man from China went a little too extra and took a little further than that. According to a report from the South China Morning Post, a China-based digital news website, the man sang for so long with so much intensity, which eventually landed him, not a gold medal, but a trip to the hospital due to a collapsed lung.

As written by Live Science, a digital news website that curates information and articles related to science, the man, who was only identified by his surname Wang, 65, performed 10 continuous songs — with almost all of them having high notes. After singing, Wang reported that he started to experience chest pains and difficulty in breathing. 

After going to a hospital in Nanchang the following day, Wang was surprised to see that his lung had collapsed, a condition that was called pneumothorax. Dr. Peng Bin-fei, one of the physicians who handled Wang, told the reports that the patient's lung collapsed due to the "high lung pressure caused by singing high notes," writes SCMP.

However, experts say that this condition was extremely rare and "likely stemmed from a preexisting lung condition," so karaoke fans shouldn't worry about canceling karaoke nights just yet. As told in Live Science, a collapsed lung usually occurs after a traumatic chest injury, but it can also be caused by a certain lung disease. In Wang's case, the website says that his was a "spontaneous collapse," and a lung anomaly that was previously undetected had been the root source.

"Typically, a collapsed lung requires some degree of architectural abnormalities within the lung," explains Dr. Enid Neptune, an associate professor of medicine from John Hopkins School of Medicine in Maryland. "An absolutely, totally normal lung usually doesn't suffer spontaneous pneumothorax in the absence of trauma," he added, reports Live Science.


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A Man Was Sent to the Hospital Due to Too Much Karaoke