Teenager Hospitalized After Doing the “1,000 Squat Challenge”

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Teenager Hospitalized After Doing the “1,000 Squat Challenge”


Two teenage girls had been rushed into the hospital after a squatting match went out of hand. Xia Tang, 19, one of the patients, had been revealed to be hospitalized with kidney damage, after she and her friend did the "1,000 squats challenge" for three hours.

As reported by Metro, a UK-based digital news and entertainment website, Tang admitted that she was "not used to exercise" and what started as a friendly competition turned into something serious, after she had challenged a friend over video chat — the both of them refusing to back down. 

The pair squatted for at least two to three hours to see who had the best stamina, before finally giving in. The following day, both Tang and her friend had reported to have aching legs and brown urine. In an interview with China Press, a Chinese media agency, Tang says: "This is too embarrassing to say. I was chatting with [my friend] in Guandong over the Internet. We both did not want to lose and so we kept trying to beat each other," via Metro.


A teen hospitalized after doing 1000 squats / Screengrab by: PearVideo via Asia One


"Something was wrong in the morning. First of all, my leg was not only sore, but I couldn’t bend it. Then I went to the bathroom and [my] urine was brown," she added.

Believing her symptoms to be something serious, Tang sought out for medical treatment and eventually, she had been diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a type of condition usually caused by skeletal muscle injury. 

Due to extreme levels of exercise, dead muscle fibers form and are eventually released into our bloodstream, which Metro writes can result in kidney failure or potentially, death.

Kidney failures are known to be fatal, but Tang had managed to get immediate treatment and after calling her friend, it was then revealed that she, too, had been hospitalized for the same reason. 


Squats / Photo by: Getty Images via Metro