Influencer Made A Mistake In Advertising A Smartphone

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Influencer Made A Mistake In Advertising A Smartphone


Advertising on Instagram is becoming a popular trend among influencers. This is because these social media influencers have a massive amount of followers, but just like Uncle Ben from Spider-Man said, “With great power, comes with great responsibility.” Unfortunately, an Instagram influencer became popular for being quite irresponsible. 

In a recent article published by Unilad UK, a British internet media company, an influencer named Emily Oberg, who has 308,000 followers was called out after she made a mistake on promoting her partnership with Samsung on its Galaxy Note 10 smartphone. The influencer is known to collaborate with famous brands but she probably forgot about paying attention to the backdrop of her post.

Photo via Emily Oberg's Instagram


Her followers were quick to notice that there was an iPhone that was charging in the background of the photo. This incident was not handled well by Oberg, because instead of explaining and responding to her fans, the influencer immediately deleted the post. After that, she uploaded a new post uploaded which shows a bathroom selfie using a Samsung smartphone.

Though the Instagram post has been immediately deleted, journalist Joseph Stash took screenshots and post these photos on Twitter. In his Tweet, he called out the trend of Instagram influencers, where ‘people who make nothing of value are getting paid stacks for posting photos and it seems a lot of them can’t even complete that basic action.’ Joseph Stash stated. 

Photo via Emily Oberg's Instagram


This mistake by Oberg seems like not her first time. She also received some backlash after collaborating with a water brand. Her followers criticized her for promoting single-use plastic with the water brand called, Evian. After this incident, she immediately apologized for the post and insist that she doesn’t believe in single-use plastic.

“I do not believe in plastic bottles and I do not use them often. Not only are they harmful to the environment, but they are also harmful to your health,” Emily Oberg posted on Instagram.



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