Walking Is The New Exercise Routine

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Walking Is The New Exercise Routine


People who never liked rigorous physical activities could take a deep breath of relief as research shows that walking can also serve as a great workout. 24/7 Wall St. website says that walking could save a person a lot of money and too much effort but still reap the health benefits that they want. 

In a study conducted by researchers from the University of Utah, it is concluded that the body may be created to walk. This activity is physically easier however, it still needs to inhale more oxygen compared to when the body is in the sedentary mode. Walking is also a convenient way to perform a physical activity since it more walk can just be added to people's everyday task.


Foot bones / Photo by: vadimrysev and Getty Images via 24 Wall st


1 - Makes Stronger Bones

As people age, our bones get weaker. Especially, if the person practices a sedentary lifestyle. Walking regularly could help bones to be stronger because as we walk, it adds stress on it. It also adds cells that aids in building the bones that are called osteoblasts, that respond to stress. Even low-impact walking can prevent bone density loss. 



Body Mass Index / Photo by: porpeller and Getty Images via 24 Wall st


2 - Decreased Body Fat

One of the reasons why a lot of people are going to the gym is to burn down some fats. However, not everyone has the luxury to spend their time and efforts to perform an exercise routine that would aid them to lose weight. Walking won’t also leave a person exhausted and it is perfect for people who want an easy exercise.

Healthline reported on their website that it can help in burning calories which is essential in maintaining a healthy weight. It also helps in losing weight as long as the person considers the factors associated with walking such as walking speed, distance covered and your own weight.



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3 - Improves heart health

Walking can be helpful in having a stronger heart. This is still an aerobic activity which increases a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. Walking is also a factor in having an efficient heart health. There are several studies that concluded that it reduces the risk of developing heart disease by 31%. It is recommended that an individual has to have at least 150 minutes a week of brisk walking in order to gain positive results. 



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4 - Improves mood

“We saw a 26% decrease in odds for becoming depressed for each major increase in objectively measured physical activity,” says Karmel Choi, a clinical and research fellow at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public School in her study published by JAMA Psychiatry. She also added that they are still in the dark as to how being physically active can improve a person’s mood. 

This is why Choi and her colleagues conducted the study where she mentioned that any kind of movement can add up to keep depression away. The researchers also found out that whenever people move around, it significantly decreases the chance of developing a major depressive disorder. 



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5 - Increases Life Span

Trying to live longer takes a lot of effort. But trying a low-impact, low-cost and accessible physical activity like walking can aid in increasing a person’s longevity. Healthline also mentioned that walking at a faster pace is also helpful in extending your life. Moreover, according to the researchers from the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, one should walk an hour a day in order to have the benefits.




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