5 Helpful Time-Management Tips for a Successful Life

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5 Helpful Time-Management Tips for a Successful Life


Success can be achieved through hard work and efficient management skills. Go Banking Rates, an online resource designed to share articles about saving, managing, and making money, wrote on their website how time management is always one of the ingredients to help an individual become successful.


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Convert wasted time into a productive one

Tony Robbins, the author of the book titled “The Ultimate Guide to Time Management,” said that it is advisable to repurpose one’s wasted time into a productive one. It is also important to make time adequately spent, just like finances. For example, when stuck in traffic, you can make use of your idle time to catch up on your readings using audiobooks. 


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Make a list

Making a list of things to do can help you focus on things one step at a time. It will prevent distraction from occurring, and allow you to handle the different tasks effectively and efficiently. Medium, an online platform that was launched in 2012, reported that the act of jotting down and making a list allows a person to acknowledge that there are things to be accomplished and spur action.


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Create a Daily Knockouts list

After making a general list of things that need to be accomplished, you should also create list of daily knockouts. These are five tasks that you should accomplish each day. The daily knockouts list of tasks can be helpful for people who like to start managing their time more efficiently. Marcus Lemonis, a self-made multimillionaire and star of CNBC’s “The Profit,” shared that he writes his daily knockout list every morning or the night before. He then makes sure that all those five on the list will be finished by the time he makes a fresh list at the end of the day. 


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Take a vacation

Success can be achieved without sacrificing precious moments with loved ones. A 2018 study conducted by Project: Time Off stated that more than half of American workers leave vacation days every year. The study also concluded that employees who take vacation leaves show lower work stress and increased productivity in their workplace. 


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Social media detox

Even though social media apps are capable of connecting people from different parts of the world, they can also prove to be a great distraction that steers away a person from their daily tasks. “To prevent myself from wasting time, I started by deleting any time-wasting apps from my phone, such as Facebook, and turning off notifications for anything that wasn’t essential to my work and life,” said Tina Willis, owner of Tina Willis Law, a boutique law firm in Florida.