This Woman Uses Own Period Blood as Facemask

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This Woman Uses Own Period Blood as Facemask


Gabrielle Schlegel from Alberta, Canada was 13 years old when she got her first period. She used to be embarrassed with it and saw it as a monthly burden for her. However, things have changed throughout the years. Now, Gabrielle is known to paint with her menstrual blood. She even uses it as a facemask.


Photo Credit: Media Drum World (via Unliad)


According to an article by Unilad, a British Internet media company, and website owned by LADbible Group, it all started when Gabrielle discovered spirituality and yoga after she watched a woman on Instagram who uses her menstrual blood to paint. For her, using her period blood is not only for art but also for self-care. This is her way to appreciate this ‘sacred fluid’ and fully connect with her body. Now, she has been encouraging other women to the same through sharing her photos online. She wanted them to embrace their monthly cycle.


Photo Credit: Media Drum World (via Unilad)


Every month, she would collect her fluids using a menstrual cup and use it to paint something beautiful. She uses this time to celebrate her body and all its wonders. Aside from using it for art, Gabrielle uses her period blood as facemasks to prevent breakouts and leave her skin looking radiant. “Not only does it leave my skin absolutely glowing, in my experience, it actively works in treating breakouts, as there are stem cells and many nutrients that are meant to help grow a baby if pregnant and the uterine lining were not to shed,” she said. 


Photo Credit: Media Drum World (via Unilad)


Gabrielle also mentioned how a lot of women are ashamed and embarrassed about their menstrual cycles because it is what society taught them. They have been encouraged to be discreet about this topic. “For thousands of years, societies have been ruled by males and more masculine ideals, in which menstruation was not the most embraced or of critical importance in accepting,” she said. As a result, generations of mothers have been inadvertently teaching their daughters to be ashamed of their monthly bleed.



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