5 Countries with Serious Obesity Problem

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5 Countries with Serious Obesity Problem


Obesity and overweight issues are a worldwide problem today. According to a report published by the World Health Organization, more than 1.9 billion adults around the world in 2016 were overweight. Over 650 million of these were obese. But there are countries that stand above the rest when it comes to this issue due to several reasons. Here are the top 5.


Obesity problem in New Zealand / Photo by: NZ Herald


1. New Zealand

The obesity rate in the country happens to be higher within the older age group. A recent national health survey also stated that one-third of New Zealand’s population is overweight. The NZ Herald, a daily newspaper published in Auckland, shared that high BMI has replaced tobacco as the main contributor to the citizens’ poor health. 



A man sunbathing in Greece / Photo by: Worth Seeing


2. Greece

Ironically, in the country where the Mediterranean diet originated, the number of people who are obese is on the upswing. Olive Tomato, an online source for the Mediterranean diet, explained that the present population of Greeks is suffering from obesity due to the fact that most citizens are less active. Being a first world country means more money and cars, which causes many of the people here to live a sedentary life. 



An elderly woman pouring olive oil on a bread in a Jordanian supermarket / Photo by: The Arab Weekly


3. Jordan

In 2016, Jordan ranked fifth among the top countries with obesity problems in the world. The Arab Weekly, a website that publishes opinion articles about business, culture, and travel, reported that obesity is observed more in women. Dietician Bochra Bitar stated that people tend to succumb to work pressure and social obligations, which make them practice unhealthy lifestyle.



Obesity problem in Mexico / Photo by: Mexiconewsdam


4. Mexico

The main culprit of the high obesity rate in Mexico is due to the introduction of processed, sugary, and fatty foods. Reports revealed that the country is the largest consumer of carbonated drinks, such as sodas. Mexico News Daily, a digital publication launched in 2014, reported that Mexican obesity is also due to food insecurity and unreliable food access. 



A McDonalds branch in Kuwait / Photo by: Getty Images via CNN


5. Kuwait                                                                                                                                                                  

The obesity problem in this country is due to its people’s obsession with fast-food chains. This is also believed to also be a contributing factor in worldwide obesity problems. CNN reported that “nearly 70% of Kuwaiti males over 15 are overweight or obese while 80% of women are obese.” The country’s weight gain is linked to heart disease and diabetes that are also associated with the citizens’ affluent lifestyle. 


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