Helpful Hacks for Smartphone Users

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Helpful Hacks for Smartphone Users



Smartphones have become very much a part of the life of almost everyone. Everywhere you go, there is someone who is holding their phone and scrolling through their social media accounts. Surprisingly, there are also still a lot of people who are unaware that they can get more from their cellphones. Here are some of them. 


Coiled charger cable / Photo by: How-to-Geek


Use Coiled Cable

One of the issues that most smartphone users have is the seemingly short lifespan of their charging cables. It is advisable to coil up the charging cable in order to prevent it from breaking or snapping while being used. How-To Geek, an online technology magazine, mentioned on their website that it is important to wrap the charging cable properly so that it will not be prone to breakage.



Home made projector / Photo by: Worth Seeing


Built-In Projector

Creating a homemade projector is easy because all you need is a smartphone and a shoebox. Worth-Seeing, an online site that provides helpful hacks, shared on their website that you would also need a magnifying lens, scissors, and tape to build your homemade projector that will be the best thing for people who love binge-watching streaming movies and TV shows during the weekend. 



DIY Colored lights using a marker / Photo by: Worth Seeing


DIY Colored Lights

The latest smartphones in the market are equipped with the most advanced cameras. In order to produce more epic images, some DIY techniques that can be used include putting colored tape on the lens so that they can create a colored light that will suit the users’ preference or objective. 



Night light from a water bottle / Photo by: Worth Seeing


Mobile Night Light

During a power interruption, one could use their smartphone and a bottle of water to illuminate their room. This technique could also be enhanced with different colors just by adding some food coloring on the water. Simply put the bottled water a short distance above the LED screen of the phone and turn it on. 



A toothpaste used to remove smartphone scratches / Photo by: Worth Seeing


Screen Scratches Removal

Due to the number of times that a person uses their phones, screen scratches are inevitable. Some use a screen protector film, but if your phone is new and you haven’t had the chance to get a screen protector yet and it’s already scratched, you can put white toothpaste on the affected area, let it sit for a little while, and then wipe it off using a piece of cloth. You will be surprised to find that the scratches have disappeared like magic.



Smartphone in a cup / Photo by: Worth Seeing


Cup Speaker

This is a very handy way to amplify the sound of the smartphone, especially those models that don't have the best quality of speakers. Of course, you can external speakers for your phone, but a lot of the better ones are too expensive. If you have a limited budget, just use a paper cup that can add about 13 decibels more to the normal 59 decibels that the smartphone produces. 



A smartphone inside a vacuum sealed plastic bag / Photo by: Worth Seeing


Waterproof Smartphone Cases

Waterproof phone cases are quite expensive, but you should never fret if you can’t afford one. Just convert a simple ziplock bag into a waterproof case. This will protect the screen of the phone against the damages it might get if it is accidentally soaked in water out in the pool or the beach.



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