Expensive US Cities Tough for Single Moms to Live In

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Expensive US Cities Tough for Single Moms to Live In

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Parenting is hard, and it can be harder if you’re a single parent. Juggling your job and being a parent is a very heroic thing to do but unfortunately, where you live can make your situation even tougher,  as there are cities that make it complicated for single parents, especially for the single moms to make things work out. 

In an article by The Atlantic, an American magazine that publishes articles about politics and international affairs, it was mentioned that recent research showed that single parents rely on an ever-expanding social network in order to support their family.

"It was really piecing together help from family and friends, letting bills stay unpaid, and in some of the more dire situations, they doubled up with friends and other family members because housing is such a big cost," said Kristin Seefeldt, a professor at the University of Michigan.

If you’re wondering if, as a single parent, your address is contributing to the difficulties in raising kids by yourself, check out the following list of cities that may be the culprit.


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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Beyond the picturesque sight of the sunset at Myrtle Beach lies the hardship of most single mothers as they try to afford an apartment. 24/7 Wall St., a financial news and commentary site, mentioned on that average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in this city could reach $932, and a typical single mom only earns an estimated salary of $20,000. 


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McAllen, Texas

A single mother who lives in the McAllen metro area only earns $17,162 a year. It is approximately $9,000 less compared to the income that single-mother households nationwide earn. Even though this place is the least expensive real estate in the United States, it will still require a single mother to work 81.9 hours a week in order to have a decent two-bedroom apartment.


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Visalia and Porterville, California

California is one of the most popular and most expensive states in the US. The city of Visalia suffers from a low labor force participation among single mothers. There are only 73.2% of single mothers in the city who are working, and reports suggest that this might be due to the reason that Visalia also has a low preschool enrollment. 


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Salinas, California

An average two-bedroom apartment in Salinas costs $1,450 a month, and it is higher than in most other US metro areas. This means that a single mother needs to spend more than 30% of her income to afford a decent apartment there, and work for 126 hours a week in order to save most of her earnings. There are only 74.9 percent of single mothers employed in the city. 


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Madera, California

Madera has recorded one of the lowest preschool enrollment rates among US metro areas. There are only 33.9% of 3- and 4-year-olds who are enrolled in school. Single mothers should prepare an estimated $1,000 a month just for a two-bedroom apartment. They would also need to work 98.6 hours a week in order to earn their monthly rent.