Grandma Steals Grandson's Snacks, Gets High on Cannabis Edibles

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Grandma Steals Grandson's Snacks, Gets High on Cannabis Edibles


Accidentally getting high isn't what people would expect from eating snacks, but this woman experienced just that after eating her grandson's "edibles."

It turns out that the snacks were laced with cannabis and while the woman did scold her grandson for it, he showed her video evidence of how much she had with the experience. The video, which gained over 320,000 videos and hundreds of comments, had the simple caption "my grandma ate my edibles I’m crying" and left many people with a lot of questions.

"It’s not clear exactly what kind of food the weed had been mixed in to," said UNILAD, adding "if the grandson had been doing some home cooking and come up with brownies or cookies I wouldn’t blame his grandmother for sneaking a bite for herself, oblivious to the ingredients inside."


Photo Credit: Link Up TV in Facebook (via Unilad)


Another explanation could be that the woman may have mistaken the edible with some kind of multi-vitamin and decided to indulge in it thinking it was drug-free.

But as the drug started to make its effect, the footage showed the older woman trying to lift a glass of water using both of her hands. When she finally got a hold of it, UNILAD said she grasped it the way a baby would hold a beaker and began swaying back and forth and even sung.

Video blog WorldStarHipHop shared the video, although it did not provide any information of where the video was filmed so it's unclear if the family's location is a place where cannabis use is legal.


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"If that’s the case the grandmother might have known her grandson had it in the house but had simply been naive to his edible supply," UNILAD said, but it added that the grandson should "keep the products in a safe place to ensure the grandmother doesn’t go on any unexpected ‘trips’ again in the future."



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