Teenager Slowly Went Blind Due to Unhealthy Diet

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Teenager Slowly Went Blind Due to Unhealthy Diet


Chips, french fries, and white bread are common delicacies in the United Kingdom, so it’s fair to say most, if not all, British people have taken a bite at these favorite afternoon snacks that go well with tea, at least according to most Brits.

However, going on a strict diet mainly on these three foods and processed meat can render someone blind over time just like what happened to a teenager in the city of Bristol, England.

This young man, who requested his name not to be revealed, only ate Pringles chips, french fries, white bread, and sometimes ham and sausage, gradually lost his sight after staying on this diet for three years. That has been his diet since he left primary school and his parents couldn’t convince him to eat fruits and vegetables even if his life depended on it, which has almost become true due to his current condition.

The boy also refused to take any kind of food supplement to make up for the nutrition he’s been losing after he was diagnosed with severe vitamin deficiency; even his doctor couldn’t make him change his ways.

The drastic side effects of his negligence towards his own well-being took effect three years later as he was diagnosed with progressive sight loss caused by his unhealthy diet. The boy, who is now 19 years old, has already quit college due to his condition and is having a hard time on the job market.

“His sight went downhill very fast – to the point where he is now legally blind,” the teenager’s mom, who also had to quit her job to take care of her son, said in an interview with The Guardian. “He has no social life to speak of now. After leaving school he got into college to do a course in IT. But he had to give it up because he could not see or hear anything. He would love a job, but he has not been able to find anything he can do.”



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