On Fleek: Fishscale Brows Creator Explains the New Look

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On Fleek: Fishscale Brows Creator Explains the New Look


Eyebrows are life and the world of beauty celebrates it as much as anything else in fashion. Creating a new "lewk" for the brow isn't always easy, and trends often go out of style after a few or so before they are replaced and forgotten.

But that doesn't need to be the case for the fishscale brow—the latest "eyebrow-raising trend in the world of fashion," according to UNILAD. Following the earlier trends of the moon brows, high heel brows, and pencil brows, the fishscale brows are stirring up conversation and making its beauty mark.

Turkey-based influencer Sude Alkan created the new look and presented it to her 279,000 Instagram followers. One would be curious as to how Alkan drew the fishscale design on herself, but she didn't do it herself.

In fact, no one actually drew the brow on her because they are Photoshop edits by Stefan James, who runs modeling agency Skyz Agency that was initially an editing page known as SkyzEditz.


Photo Credit: @skyzagency on Instagram (via Unilad)


"It started off doing edits of influencers such as brow trends but I gained some amazing friends and connections with the models who I did the edits of and now I personally manage them," James told UNILAD, explaining how his simple editing page became a booming business.

The agency owner said the fishscale design was created last year and was supposed to be named the Godzilla brows "due to the resemblance of the scales from the monsters. He only changed the name after women modeling the brows all agreed that the 'fishscale' sounds better and would less likely to scare people away from trying it out.

James added that he "loves" seeing his editing brought to life and that it was "incredible to see" people—mostly women—sending their recreations to him on Instagram.

However, criticism of his designs led Stefan to see the beauty industry to be relatively unsupportive of his work.


Photo Credit: @skyzagency on Instagram (via Unilad)


"Everyone’s really against the eyebrow trends as it’s different to what people are used too," James told UNILAD. "However, that’s not going to stop me as I do it for fun and like creating random stuff which makes people go ‘huh.'"

He added that it was "all about creativity" for him and that "close-minded people" refuse to see change. The 20-year-old noted that people are now living in a new era, that it is best to be creative and think outside the box.

"I personally love to see other people do it, if not everything would be so boring and mainstream."