Meet the Countess Who Used to Bathe in the Blood of Virgins: Queen Elizabeth Báthory

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Meet the Countess Who Used to Bathe in the Blood of Virgins: Queen Elizabeth Báthory


In Snow White and the Huntsman, Charlize Theron absolutely stunned audiences when she dipped into her infamous “milk bath.” It was powerful in a quiet kind of way -- like a statement piece in an outfit that you can’t just look away from. 

In our weird, wonderful, dark shared history, there was a particular queen who also bathed in something more unconventional than the average watery, soapy bath. Meet Countess Elizabeth Báthory, one of the most infamous noblewomen in history, for she was known as the woman who bathed in the blood of more than 600 virgin servant girls. 

According to Medical Bag, the legend goes that Báthory was so much of a sadist that she had even ordered for these servant girls to not only be killed but that these deaths be drawn out, too. 


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It was believed that she would have these girls tortured, too. While she led a tumultuous life typical of the royal families back then, it was said that she didn’t truly go overboard in her evil plan until after her husband, Count Ferenc Nádasdy, died in battle while leading the armies of Hungary against the Ottoman forces. 

After choosing to live out the rest of her life in her Čachtice castle in northwest Hungary, this was where she first encountered the taste for blood. The legend recounted that one night, while a servant girl was combing her head, she had accidentally pulled too hard. Furious, Elizabeth struck the girl hard enough that she bled. 

Later that night, as she looked at the spot on her hand where the blood had been just a few hours ago, Elizabeth saw that her skin “looked more youthful than she had seen it in many years.” By this time, her court was already participating in her history of brutal torture. 


Photo Credit via Wikimedia Commons


This was just another moment that pushed her fully to the edge of insanity. Much of the torture behind the castle walls were entirely too extreme for anyone with a faint heart. All that needed to be known was that Elizabeth would somehow carry out the tortures herself and that none of the servant girls ever lived. 

Eventually, after the death of a noble girl in her clutches, they opened an investigation on Elizabeth’s activities, found the rumors of her cruelty to be shockingly true, and convicted her and her servants of 80 counts of murder. The servants were executed, but Elizabeth was only imprisoned for life. Although she didn’t last very long. After 3 and a half years, she was found dead in her cell, lying face down on the floor. 




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