Couple Claim to be “Awakened” Vampires, Now Lead Vampire Lifestyles

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Couple Claim to be “Awakened” Vampires, Now Lead Vampire Lifestyles


The exact origins of vampires are unknown. 

Although it does seem to be a common theme in many cultures -- some sort of entity that draws on the blood of humans to survive. Depending on what kind of exposure you have about vampires, the chances are that you at least have some kind of idea about how they are portrayed physically as well as the many wildly oscillating aspects of their existence. Or, well, non-existence. 

However, Daley and Logan South, a husband and wife pair of “awakened” vampires, are dedicated to show people that vampires exist. According to a report by LADBible, a social media and entertainment social published based in London, the polyamorous couple claim there are actually a lot of vampires in our midst. 


Vampire Couple Daley and Logan Smith / Photo by: Jake Massey via Lad Bible


In fact, Daley’s exact words were: “There are plenty of people who are not vampires but enjoy the vampire lifestyle, and there are plenty of vampires who do not participate in the vampire lifestyle at all. There are teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc that are vampires and you would never know it.”

As we know, vampires sleep during the day and are awake at night, not to mention they drink blood, too, as part of their diet. 

Yes. Daley and Logan do all of those things as well. 

Daley, in particular, says that sunlight is particularly “draining.” When asked about the consequences she faces when in contact with the sun for too long, she says it causes nausea, tremors, body aches, fevers, and can sometimes lead to loss of consciousness. 


Daley's solo picture on Instagram / Photo by: Daley Smith via Instagram


In true vampire fashion, the couple also shares how they go about drinking blood. Now, one would think they have a pig farm in their house somewhere to draw blood from pigs from, but Daley lays out their surprisingly well-informed process of taking blood from donors. The donors are either close friends to the couple or some of their sexual partners. 

They also have safety guidelines when it comes to blood consumption. According to Daley, their donors are tested every six months, only pricked with a sterile lancet to the finger, as they draw only enough blood “without leaving unnecessary scarring or dangerous wounds. The best part is that the husband and wife duo seem to have an unflappable stance on consent. 

"It is also important to visit a regular doctor to ensure the symptoms you are experiencing related to vampirism are not from an underlying disease or condition," Daley adds.

The couple lives in Austin, Texas and works as event planners.


The couple's Instagram pose / Photo by: Daley Smith via Instagram




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