7 Times Movies Have Lied to Us

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7 Times Movies Have Lied to Us


Sometimes, facts don’t translate well in movies. That is why studios take some, okay, a lot, of “creative” liberties when they make a movie. These usually become the norm in production that they are repeated in subsequent films so that audiences start believing that they are true, “because it’s shown in the movies.”

Of course, movies are created mainly as a form of entertainment, so we can’t blame production outfits if they don’t adhere closely to reality. After all, adhering to the laws of science in the real world would make for a less exciting movie-watching experience. Still, it is quite jolting when we learn that movies have been lying to us for the longest time. Here are seven truths that movies have glossed over for cinematic sake.


The Asteroid Belt as based on Sci Fi movies / Photo by: driver Photographer via Flickr


1. Asteroids Are Not Close to Each Other in an Asteroid Belt

Sci-fi films have depicted scenes where a spaceship traveling through space reaches an asteroid belt and has problems getting through because of the asteroids dotting their path. That is not the case at all because, according to astronomers, the average distance between two asteroids in an asteroid belt is approximately 600,000 miles, which is more than twice the distance between the Earth and the Moon.



Sky Diving / Photo by: Worth Seeing


2. Conversing While Skydiving Is Useless

Some movies show two or more characters talking to each other during freefall, often giving instructions about their mission or how to deploy the parachute. But in reality, a skydiver will basically hear nothing as they fall from the sky because of the wind that passes them.



A semi-automatic pistol in a firing range / Photo by: The Firearm Blog


3. Pistols Have Iron Sights for a Reason

Wielding two guns in both hands at the same time like what Karl Urban’s Executioner character did in “Thor: Ragnarok” may look awesome, but the recoil of each gun and the lack of accuracy for not using the guns’ iron sights make dual-wielding pointless.



A phone call / Photo by: Safeguarde


4. It Takes Hours to Trace a Phone Call

In action movies, some characters try to contact each other only to end the phone call after a few seconds so as to prevent the police from tracing them. In reality, the conversation could go on for much longer and it would still take hours before the police locate them.



Padlocks / Photo by: The Box O'Truth


5. Padlocks Aren’t As Soft As You Think

Contrary to what movies depict on screen, shooting a padlock wouldn’t break it as they are made of iron which is sturdier than what the writers give them credit for.



Pinned grenades / Photo by: Getty Images via The Irish Times


6. Grenade Pins Cannot Be Bitten Out

As cool as it may seem, biting out a grenade pin would only result to a person’s teeth being removed and not the pin itself. Grenade pins are tightly secured to prevent accidental deployment.



A man subjugating a woman using chloroform in a movie / Photo by: Mental Floss


7. Chloroform Isn’t a Great Way to Quickly Incapacitate a Person

Chloroform is often used in movies to put someone to sleep instantly by putting a piece of cloth drenched with the liquid over their nose and mouth. In reality, that effect takes five minutes and it doesn’t last for long.




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