7 Cities with the Worst Traffic in the World

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7 Cities with the Worst Traffic in the World

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One of the worst things about living in the city is how the roads can get extremely congested. Bad traffic has been proven a bane for any country’s economy as it wastes people’s time and money. This problem is not only a concern for a certain region as different cities all over the world experience a standstill on the road due to congestion.

Earlier this year, transportation data firm INRIX Research released its ranking of the most traffic-congested cities in the world based on delays, adjusted for the population of each city. Below are the seven cities that have the worst traffic congestion in the world.


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7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Drivers in Rio lose 199 hours of travel time a year for being stuck on the road. It is the second city in Brazil to have the worst traffic, with the first being São Paulo. During the worst portion of morning and afternoon commute (peak hours), vehicles travel just a little over 15 mph, which nearly doubles during the low point of commuting periods (off-peak).


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6. London, United Kingdom

Each London driver loses £1,680 and 227 hours a year for driving in the city’s congested roads. Like Rio, vehicles also managed just a little over 15 mph during peak hours. However, that speed goes beyond two-folds at 32.56 mph during the off-peak.


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5. São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is the most congested city in Brazil. Drivers spent 154 hours on congested roads throughout 2018, traveling at nearly 17 mph during peak hours. Off-peak commute periods are not that much better, with vehicles going about 23 mph as they navigate the city streets.


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4. Mexico City, Mexico

Losing 218 hours on the road puts Mexico City in fourth place of INRIX’s annual ranking. Vehicles go slow during the worst part of the morning and afternoon commute at 16 mph, speeding up just a bit in the low point at 25 mph. 


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3. Bogota, Colombia

Bogota dropped a rank lower from last year’s listing. At the third spot, the Colombian city spends 272 hours driving in congestion for the whole of 2018. Cars crawl at 15 mph during the low point of the day, and it gets worse during peak commuting periods at 10 mph.


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2. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul switched places with Bogota in the ranking, with its drivers losing 157 hours of driving time due to congestion. Although its off-peak period allows cars to travel at nearly 33 mph, that speed drops down to 19 mph during the peak period.


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1. Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the world’s most congested city with a driving time loss of 210 hours in 2018. Cars move at a speed of 14 mph during the peak period and goes a tad faster at 19 mph during the off-peak period.




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