Brooklyn Airbnb Goes Viral for Harry potter-esque "Cupboard" Room

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Brooklyn Airbnb Goes Viral for Harry potter-esque "Cupboard" Room


People turn to Airbnb to get that high-class room without paying for sky-high hotel prices. But it seems like that not everything on the site is as high-class, nor even passable, as they should be.

When she arrived in her rented accommodation in Brooklyn, New York, 26-year-old Zoe Reeve found that her room was just a small, cramped closet space under a staircase—a canny resemblance to the famous cupboard room in the Harry Potter books.

“It's literally a little cupboard with a mattress on the floor,” Reeve said in a now-deleted viral video, as quoted by Insider.


Photo Credit: Zoe Reeve (via Insider)


While it may be disappointing to some, Reeve told Insider that she was aware of what she was getting into when she made the $27 Airbnb booking a few weeks ago for the Labor Day Carnival parade.

"I booked the Airbnb because I'm not fussy about accommodation when I travel," she said. "I obviously booked the cheapest accommodation in Brooklyn, so I knew it wasn't going to be amazing, and I normally choose the cheapest one wherever I go."

The host explicitly stated the size and condition of the accommodation, writing: "The space is ideal for backpackers and other budget travelers who are comfortable sleeping on a self-inflating camping pad with another camping pad underneath. I most certainly would NOT recommend the space for anyone over 6'1 or who otherwise is not comfortable sleeping in small spaces for individual persons."


Photo Credit: Zoe Reeve (via Insider)


Even though Reeve know that the room was anything luxurious, a few things still shocked her. First were the dirty living room and common spaces, as well as the fact that her bedding didn't appear to be clean. Telling the host of her concern, Reeve got a refund of the cleaning fee and even clean sheets.

Her woes about the bed didn't end there. Reeve said the air mattress advertised in the listing turned out to be a very thin camping air mattress that "feels like you're just sleeping on a yoga mat," Insider quoted.

"The worst part of the room is probably the bed, but also the fact that it gets super hot because there's no fan, so I have to sleep with the window open, which is obviously not safe and also means I can hear everyone shouting in the street outside," she said.



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