This Mother Had 4 Children in Just 13 Months

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This Mother Had 4 Children in Just 13 Months


Tracy Caliendo, 43, has suffered one miscarriage and underwent three rounds of in vitro fertilization. All she wanted at that time was a baby. That's why when she finally got pregnant from her fourth round of IVF, she and her husband Pete Pasetsky, 42, took one giant step of precaution: to hire a surrogate.

Caliendo decided to pursue a surrogacy pregnancy because she felt that something was not right during that time. She was ultimately worried about losing another pregnancy. “I kind of hedged my bet. I said, ‘Let me get a surrogate to carry two [embryos] so that hopefully one of us will end up having a child.’" The surrogate had made it clear to her that she didn't want to carry twins. During that time, Caliendo was convinced that this will never happen. 

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However, the odds were in her favor. In August 2017, Caliendo welcomed a daughter named Harlow. Then, their surrogate gave birth to twin girls Piper and Presley four months later. “When it rains, it pours. We couldn’t even believe it.” With three babies, Caliendo and Pasetsky were “beyond thrilled and over the moon.” But much to their surprise, their family will only get even bigger. 

After 13 weeks since her twins were born through the surrogate, Caliendo noticed that she was developing a stomach pouch. In an interview by Today, she said, "I am thin, so it was pretty noticeable. I thought something was wrong with me and made a doctor’s appointment.” It turned out that she was pregnant again for three months. This news was indeed surprising for them because they were not expecting nor even trying to get pregnant. 

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Although Caliendo had smooth pregnancies with Hunter and Harlow, her third pregnancy was high-risk for her and her baby. She developed placenta accreta, a serious condition that happens when the placenta grows too deeply into the uterine wall. Fortunately, they have found doctors that would help her in her condition. After 29 weeks of gestation, Caliendo gave birth to Dylan. Although the newborn baby was growth and fine motor skills hurdles to overcome, she was happy that her kids are happy and healthy. 




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