Introducing the 80-Year-Old Iranian Man Who Hasn't Bathed for 6 Decades

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Introducing the 80-Year-Old Iranian Man Who Hasn't Bathed for 6 Decades


Personal hygiene is something that we are taught while growing up. Taking a bath and keeping ourselves clean is a necessity to maintain a healthy body. Also, let's admit that people are likely to approach us if we look presentable. However, this is not the case with this Iranian man. Believe it or not, he hasn't bathed or showered in over 60 years! 

The interesting part is that he is not planning to change his ways anytime soon. Amou Haji, 80, claims that cleanliness makes him sick. For him, being covered in dirt means that he is guaranteed to stay healthy and live for a long time. According to an article by Buzznick, an online site that aims to deliver the most extraordinary stories from around the world, Haji enjoys smoking animal feces. Every day, he would mainly eat rotten animals he finds dead around him, which usually consists of rotten porcupine meat. 


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Haji's lifestyle didn't start this way. He used to live in normal life in his village in Iran with this family. However, he began to believe that keeping clean was ruining his health. Thus, he made a serious decision to leave everything behind and embrace a filthier way of living in the pursuit of living a healthier lifestyle. He also claimed that emotional setbacks during his 20's prompted him to live this way. 

As of now, Haji is living on the outskirts of town where he sleeps in a hole in the ground. However, he is not alone since he was accompanied by his most prized possession: a steel pipe. The Iranian man also enjoys five cigarettes a day which he smokes all at once. According to an article by Boredom Therapy, a media startup founded with the goal of fighting boredom worldwide by engaging our readers with incredibly shareable content, Haji said that he is happier and freer than the rest of mankind although he lacks possessions. 


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Haji drinks up to two gallons a day using a rusty can. He believes that drinking a lot of water every single day is the key to health. However, he is not convinced that using water will clean his body. Haji is known to become furiously angry when asked why he was passionate about not taking a bath. Often, he will throw tantrums and then fall into silence. 




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