'Mummified' Baby Found in Mother's Freezer

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'Mummified' Baby Found in Mother's Freezer


After Adam Smith's mother died from lung cancer last week, he began clearing out the apartment they are currently living in and sorting through her belongings. While he was cleaning, he stumbled upon a white cardboard box in his mother's freezer which he first believed contained a wedding cake top. Hoping to find money, Smith opened the box which led him to a gruesome discovery: a frozen human baby. 


Photo Credit: South China Morning Post


Now that Adam knows what was really inside the box, he is struggling to comprehend how her mother kept it to herself all these years. Shortly after the discovery, he called the police. St. Louis police then sent investigators from the child abuse and homicide units. They are treating the case as a "suspicious death" with a pending autopsy. According to reports, Smith first felt a foot and little toes. As the blanket unraveled, he saw a baby foot and the hair of the infant. 

“The baby looked clean. There was no blood on it, looked like a newborn baby,” Smith recalled. “From what I could see the skin and everything was intact.”


Photo Credit: @KMOV (via Twitter)


In a report from South China Morning Post, a Hong Kong English-language newspaper, Smith said: "It still had skin, hair and everything; it was mummified." According to Smith, his mother has always been secretive. He recalled that every time they moved apartments, she would always take the box with her. The box has traveled with her four different homes in St. Louis. And this includes the apartment on Magnolia Avenue where she lived for 25 years until her death. It occupied a quarter of every freezer she owned. 


Photo Credit: @AshliLincoln (via Twitter)


CBS Chicago reported that memories of Smith from long ago are making sense now. “All she told me was ‘my firstborn Jennifer would have been 21 years old today,'” he said. He believed that the mummified baby could be Jennifer. If this is the case, the infant died about five decades ago. “I just have so many thoughts. It’s insane," Smith added. 




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