All-Black Doesn’t Have to be All-Bad: Tips to Rock Black Clothing

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All-Black Doesn’t Have to be All-Bad: Tips to Rock Black Clothing


People who wear black hear lots of things about their clothing choice, especially when they do it every day. There is a common misconception that wearing black is drab and boring, that because there is no color, there is no possible way to make it fashionable. 

Which is sad for many of us who like black and clothing options in that color for its versatility and practicality. Well, unless you have a white cat, of course. In any case, if you like black just because you can’t stand too much color, fear not for you are valid. But what if you’re just coming into this whole style choice? How should you wear these oft-referred to as ‘gothic’ clothing? 


All black formal dress / Photo by: MS_studio via Shutterstock


Go Classic

Black clothing doesn’t always have to scream BDSM or something wildly and unrealistically divergent. Sometimes, going classic is amazing and beneficial for your sense of style. According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, classic pieces like chelsea boots or peacoats make sure that certain design elements stand out that people will automatically get rid of the fact that all of it might be all-black. Other iconic pieces also include pencil skirts and leather jackets. 



Traveling in an all black dress / Photo by: JKstock via Shutterstock


Pop of Color

In the same way, they say that the stars will only blink if they are scattered in the night sky, black clothing can also benefit from a pop of color. The advantage of this is that black makes almost every color looks good, depending on your style and preference. A classic combination is black and red. They are sharp and usually strong to the eyes. But black can also be paired with something fun to balance the solidness of the color. Maybe something pastel or neon. 



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Texture is Key

Arguably, black clothes are very easily overlooked in the street. As it is a dark color, it usually comes off as muted and often just something to bounce off other colors against. It doesn’t always have to be like that. According to Who What Wear, a Los Angeles-based fashion brand bringing style and fashion articles, adding textured black clothes or even accessories helps give the ensemble a little bit of life. Frills make the dress a little playful and variety of fabrics used can even become centerpieces. 



Standing in front of big leaves / Photo by: JKstock via Shutterstock


Go Minimal

Some people believe that wearing black can also mean you don’t really want to draw too much attention to yourself by going gaudy -- and that’s okay. Being a minimalist in black “doesn’t mean your outfits are uninteresting,” says Who What Wear writer Anna Laplaca, it only means that you value simplicity and have a love for black in equal measure. The challenge is still making it work. Play around with fabrics and different lengths of pants or dresses and choose a bag or a coat to make it all come together. 



A male model in an all black dress / Photo by: 4Max via Shutterstock


Focus on Accessory

If you like wearing black in a minimalistic way, perhaps it’s a good thing if you also love accessories. Showbiz Cheat Sheet suggests that wearing black as your main color can give you the freedom to hunt for standout accessories to complement your outfit of choice. You can do this by picking a statement earring perhaps, or other vintage elements. 



All black accessories / Photo by: misfire_studio via Shutterstock


Versatility Award: The Little Black Dress

What if you need to go to a formal event and don’t know whether wearing black is appropriate or not? Don’t panic. Unless the formal event explicitly gives out a color scheme to follow, wearing black for a formal event is common and is even a go-to choice for many. To play up the simplicity that the little black dress has, you can choose to pair it with statement sandals or a statement necklace, both guaranteed to elevate your style, as reported by The Very Girl, a website bringing finance news, fashion and beauty, wellness, living, and travel articles.


Models in little black dress / Photo by: Andrij Garry via Shutterstock




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