Puppy Remains A Good Dog After Bamboozling Grandma

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Puppy Remains A Good Dog After Bamboozling Grandma


Social media is sometimes filled with negativity that a person cannot handle for a day. Fortunately, it has also become an avenue for pet owners to showcase the adorable candids of their cute ‘doggos’ and ‘cattos’. Recently, a photo of a rescued dog went viral as it brought smiles to a lot of social media users throughout the world.


In an article published by The Dodo, they shared a funny circumstance of a happy little pup named Luna. Luna found another reason to smile when Luna’s owner, Lima visited her grandma along with the pup. Luna easily became comfortable at the house that made Lima felt confident enough to leave the adorable doggo after lunch. 


Photo Credit: Anna Carolina Lima (via The Dodo)


Lima's grandma decided to take an afternoon nap and, “As usual, she put her dentures under the pillow so as not to lose them,” Lima mentioned during the interview. Luna’s funny antics started when she saw this opportunity to bamboozle not only Lima's grandma but also Lima and her mother.


Photo Credit: Anna Carolina Lima (via The Dodo)


By the time Grandma woke up, she found out that her dentures were nowhere to be found. Lima stated that the old lady was very desperate at the time to the point that she called Lima's mom to help her with the search. They searched the house for hours and Lima, after learning what happened, initially thought to check on her dog, who've become suspiciously keeping out of sight. Sure enough, Lima found her pup with her Grandma’s teeth in her mouth. Luna was guilty but remained firm in not giving back the dentures for some time as it seems like she finds the whole thing entertaining.



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